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   Tile adhesives, glues for tiles are dry mixes used for work with different types of decoration materials: ceramic tiles, ceramic-granite, mosaic tiles, natural and artificial stone. Modern IVSIL tile adhesive is a reliable long-lasting material, designed to provide easy convenient way of doing tiling jobs for your house, office or shopping centre, and to make sure that the final result satisfy your demands. Therefore, if you have already chosen tiles, ceramic-granite, stone, etc, the next step is to choose the right dry mix. The choice depends on the type of decorative material, area of work, conditions of work, surface of the basis and some peculiarities of tile adhesives. Further down we will try to help you to get more information about all this and to make the right choice...

for internal works with ceramic tiles, low consumption of adhesive


tile adhesive for internal and external works with ceramic tiles, resistant to frost


thicknesses from 2 to 20 mm, for ceramic tile & standard size granite, for indoors & outdoors


for internal and external works flexible glue, for standard size granite also. Standart EN 12004 class 1


For big size granite tiles. Super-strength bonding to the surface, to use with underfloor heating. Standart EN 12004 class 2


for natural and artificial stone, heavy and large format tiles & granite, for internal and external works


white glue for mosaic tiles for exterior and interior work


for internal and external works, for ceramic tiles and granite, for showers, swimming pools & fountains


for furnaces and fireplaces, for ceramic tiles & granite, also for use with underfloor heating


accelerated hardening (tile grouting in 3 hours), flexible glue, used for standard size granite also


Tile adhesive video (comments will be in Russian)

   ...Our explanation regarding tiling adhesives is mainly targeting the beginners, who want to get more information in order to be able to do some DIY tiling jobs in their house or apartment.

   First of all we need to determine where we are going to do tiling – indoors or outside. Most adhesives are suitable for both purposes. But it is necessary to check and to make sure, particularly if you do tiling outside the house, on the facade or in cold unheated premises. In case of indoors tiling, most of IVSIL adhesives will do the job easily. Now we need to pay attention to other characteristics.

   One of the most important characteristics, which you should not forget is adhesion (the most simplistic definition of this term is the ability to stick, or stickiness) of this particular mixture. The heavier is a tile or ceramic-granite, the higher should be the level of adhesion. Therefore for standard ceramic tiles you should use the mixture with adhesion level not less than 0,5 MP which means that the glue should sustain breaking power of 5kg/sq.cm. As a matter of fact this is the minimum level which will allow not only to stick a tile but to keep it in place for many years despite of vibration and regular weight load. For standard ceramic-granite tiles (300*300mm) the adhesion level must be not less than 0,7 -0,8 MP (in case you care not only about how quickly the tiling job is done but also care how ling the tiles stay in place). Heavy big-size ceramic-granite tiles (600*600mm) or slabs will require glue with adhesion level not less than 1MP (which means it will sustain applied power of 10kg per 1 cm . Click here to learn more about job with ceramic-granite and see the article regarding IVSIL European certification.

   One of the most common delusions about tile adhesives refers to tiling floor – people say that if you are tiling a floor the tiles will not go off. Nothing of the kind! Do not try to lay ceramic tiles or ceramic-granite tiles with the mix not suitable for those types of materials and of course, do not try to use plain cement-sand mixes. Floor tiles must be able to sustain more dynamic load and vibrations than wall tiles. Therefore if you do not choose the right adhesive, sooner or later you will hear a very unpleasant sound of breaking tiles under your feet.

   A mistake from the other end of the range is to try to lay normal tiles using special super strong adhesives. We do not recommend that. First of all the price of those strong specialised adhesives is higher. And the most important thing is that the final result can be not good: if you use a strong adhesive for normal type tiles, whilst drying this adhesive can break thin light tiles into pieces, if its elasticity is not enough.

   Other crucial characteristics of adhesives include their ability to stop a tile sliding down, which allows to do tiling starting from the top; correction time and lifetime of the dissolved mix are also important. It all effects the timeframe for tiling, way of doing the job and determine the procedure of tiling in small and big areas.

   It is necessary to pay attention to the basis on which the tiles will be laid. All tile adhesives are suitable for plain, solid basis: concrete, bricks, mineral plasters. So called complex basis (plasterboards, magnesium-glass sheets) require more attention. It is better to use adhesives with higher levels of elasticity and adhesion for such basis to make sure that they will sustain vibration and heavy load.

  Other technical characteristics of tile adhesives, such as waterproofing, frost resistance, heat resistance indicate types of environment and conditions under which those adhesives can be used.

   We also need to point out that a good adhesive should provide smooth, homogeneous layer and allow to correct tiles within not less than 10 minutes after being laid (exception should be made for special rapid drying tile adhesives).  

   Generally speaking the main rule is to choose tile adhesive taking into account type of tiles, type of basis and conditions in which this tiling job is going to be done. One needs to pay attention to technical characteristics of adhesives and recommendations on the package.

   There is not much difference in technological process of tiling floors or walls, laying tiles straight or diagonal. But there are some useful tips. For example: it will save you time and effort if you start tiling walls from the top (most of IVSIL adhesives will allow to do so). In this case you will just need to cut the bottom layer of tiles according to the size of the last gap and you will not need to make all preliminary calculations. When planning to tile the floor with under-floor heating, pay attention to the adhesive tile mix characteristics and find if it is suitable for this sort of tiling. 

   When doing diagonal tiling pay special attention to planning. You will need to determine tiling design, chose necessary tiles, suitable adhesive and properly mark the surface before to start the job. Think about positions of tiles and cutting of them if necessary.

   Technological process of tiling a bathroom usually includes treating floors and adjusted areas with waterproof materials. Use of waterproof mixes prior to tiling your bathroom will help to avoid problems with your downstairs neighbours in case you suddenly have a leakage problem in your bathroom.   

   For DIY tiling jobs you will need the following tools: a palette knife, a notch trowel and a float. The bigger is the size of tiles, the bigger should be notches of a trowel. For laying big size ceramic and ceramic-granite tiles you may need special plastic maul for correction of a tile position. Do not forget to buy tile spacers for tiles; their thickness should correspond to the size of gaps between tiles. Choose the right colour and type of a grout mix.     

   The Company «IVSIL Euro Trade» offer ten different types of tiling adhesives for different types of tiles, different types of under-tile surfaces and different conditions. We produce standard waterproof and frost resistant adhesives, mixes for adhesion of any type of ceramic, porcelain, ceramic-granite tiles; including tiles of middle size (30*30sm) and big size (60*60sm), adhesives for natural and artificial stone, adhesives for exterior jobs with ceramic, ceramic-granite tiles and stone, special adhesives for swimming pools, high temperatures resistant adhesives for tiling of stoves and fireplaces. 

   Our range of products includes tile adhesives for thin layer application and thick layer application; which allows to adhere tiles and simultaneously to level uneven surface of walls and floors; adhesives with normal and prolonged time of tile correction, adhesive of the «Quick decoration and repair» line for fast tiling. For example the rapid drying adhesive IVSIL EXPRESS +, which is suitable for ceramic and ceramic-granite tiles, allows to do grouting after 3 hors only! 

   All, even the most economical tile adhesives of IVSIL are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the State Standard and Technical Control Department, our products are certified in Rostest and are produced according to the top level quality international standards. Moreover IVSIL adhesive mixes for ceramic-granite tiles IVSIL CLASSIC and IVSIL PROFIT were certified in the European Union according to the standard EN 12004 (Class C1T and C2E). We also want to point out that all adhesive mixes of IVSIL are equally good for both floor and wall tiling.

   To choose the right product, which is suitable for your requirements and conditions, and to calculate the necessary quantity of adhesive mix, depending on the size of area for tiling, click HERE

   You can find a detailed instruction on every package of mix and at every product specified page of this site. These specified pages also include calculation option for the specific product, depending on the requirements of use per square meter and standard norms of consumption.

    By the way, do not forget about prime treatment of the surface! Prior to tiling jobs we recommend application of the primer IVSIL BAZOVAYA (BASE)! You can find all prices of IVSIL products in the section Price List. To find a company, which deals with IVSIL products wholesale services, please visit our Where to buy section (sorry, available only in Russian). To find information regarding IVSIL products wholesale and retail sales companies in Moscow area, please click HERE (section available only in Russian) To check and download IVSIL products certificates, please visit the page Certificates (available only in Russian) And the last, but not the least – you can watch a video advice of how to use IVSIL tile adhesive IVSIL Classic right here on this page.

   Hope you will enjoy working with excellent, reliable, convenient and easy to use products of IVSIL!

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