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Base preparation

   The base surface should be strong, carefully cleared of dust, dirt, oils, and greases. Unstable and fragile parts of the base must be removed. Large unevenness of a walls, a crack, and a recess should be pre-aligned with one of the Plasters IVSIL. To correct uneven floors use one of self-leveling floors or screeds IVSIL TIE-ROD.

   Before the faceworking surface should be primed with IVSIL BAZOVAYA. Strongly absorbing bases (gaze and foam concrete, gipsum plaster, anhydrite floor) should be primed with IVSIL GLUBOKOGO PRONIKNOVENIYA (primer penetrator).

Mixing of mortar

   Dry mix is poured into a mixing bucket with clean water in the following proportion: 1 kg of dry mix for 0,23-0,25 l of water. Then it is thoroughly stirred, manually or with a mixing drill, until the mixture is homogeneous and elastic. The received mixture is left for 5 minutes and then stirred again. Prolonged period of this tile adhesive setting allows this mixture to be used within 4 hours.



   Adhesive solution is applied on basis with the help of a trowel and then is spread with a notched trowel. The size of notches depends on the size of a tile. Put a tile on the top of the mixture, which has just been applied, and press it to the surface. After being pressed, adhesive mixture should be covering not less than 65% of the tile’s surface, for ceramic tiles 20*20 and bigger and for all size ceramic-granite - 80%. When used for exterior jobs, to provide 100% of tile’s cover with adhesive and to guarantee gluing to the surface, it is recommended to apply adhesive to the reverse side of the tile as well before to put it on the surface covered with the mixture.

   A tile must be laid within 20 minute from application of adhesive on the basis. Correction of the tile position can be done within 10 minutes after the tile is laid. There is no need to soak tiles in water before use. The air temperature and the temperature of the basis must be from +5° to +30°. Grouting of wall tiles can be done in 6-8 hours, grouting of floor tiles in 24 hours. In bad conditions (strong wind, direct sunshine, high or low temperature, highly absorbing surface) lifetime of the prepared mixture may be decreased.

   When used for heated floor systems, the system should be switched off before to start tiling and can be switched on again after adhesion process is fully finished (28 days). All technical characteristics of the adhesive are fully active at the temperature of 18-20ªC and 60% humidity level.

Consultation on the pplication materials



   White tile adhesive IVSIL MOSAIC is based on high quality white cement, white fractioned sand and contains a set of polymer additives. This adhesive is designed for wall and floor tilling with light thin ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles and glass mosaic or with other transparent or semi-transparent materials, marble tiles, ceramic-granite and ceramics. It is suitable for application to concrete, brick and other solid surfaces. It is also suitable for laying over the surface of old tiles (method «tile over tile»).

   It can be used for tilling of swimming pools and decorative reservoirs with water. This adhesive is of high elasticity, frost resistant and water resistant, suitable for mosaics and has a very strong bonding power (not less than 1 MP). It can also be used as tiling adhesive for exterior jobs. See the price of the white adhesive for mosaic tiles in the section «Price List».

   See also: white tile grout IVSIL FUGA or go back to the section all IVSIL Tile adhesives.

   White tile adhesive, adhesive for glass mosaic, adhesive for ceramics IVSIL MOSAIC


Technical characteristics

Mixing proportion: 1l of water
On 1 kg of a mix0,23 0,25 l
On 25 kg of a mix5,75 6,25 l
The consumption at a thickness of a layer of 1 mm, on 1 sq. m1,4 1,6 kg
Thickness of a layer of a solution, mm2 6 mm
Viability of a solution4 hours
Open operating time20 min
Updating time10 min
Finish of seams24 hours
Temperature of works and the baseFrom +5 to +30
Adhesive strengthnot less 1,0 MPa
Frost resistance50 cycle
Packaging25 kg bag; 5kg bag
Packaging and storage
Adhesive MOSAIK is delivered in 25kg and 5kg Kraft-bags. A storage warranty period in a dry premise in packaging materials of the manufacturer 6 months
The consumption
Average consumption 1,4 1,6 kg of a dry mix on 1 m. of a sq. surface at a thickness of a layer of a solution of 1 mm. Practically the expense depends on degree of flatness of the base, size of a teeth of a spatula and a sort of an applied tile.
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