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 Colored masonry mortars

Colored masonry mortars

   IVSIL coloured mortar mixes are construction materials, which allow to do brickwork and to fill gaps between coloured decorative facade bricks simultaneously. A big choice of modern decorative and clinker bricks gives a lot of options for imagination; combinations of brick and mortar colours guarantee a possibility to create a unique look of the building, which will be preserved for many years.

   Make your house look modern – give it a European touch and charm by using IVSIL SEAMER coloured mortar mixes! Whith IVSIL SEAMER coloured mortar mix, your house would stand out of the line of plain brickwork neighbour houses with grey mortar.

   Based on the best experience of European specialists, the Company IVSIL has developed mortar mixes for the most popular types of bricks. Coloured mortar mixes SEAMER are designed for bricklaying of ceramic, silicate, clinker, decorative and face bricks. Optimum elasticity of the mix guarantees easiness of working with it. Its ability to retain water provides gradual, even drying of joints, which helps to preserve best quality appearance of the brickwork. The mix is available in five most popular colours: white, ivory, terracotta, graphite and brown…


colored masonry mortar for facing and clinker bricks


   ...One of the benefits of IVSIL coloured mortar mixes is their multipurpose use. Strength factor of these mixes is so high that they are suitable for use with any type of face bricks – starting from those with high absorption level and standard level, such as glazed bricks, to those with very low level of absorption, such as clinker bricks or clinker. Coloured mortar mixes can be used for hollow centred or full-bodied bricks and allow brickwork to be done as uninterrupted cycle. For decorative bricks with low level of absorption or for clinker it is possible to make four layers of brickwork, for bricks with medium level of absorption (6-7%) and high level of absorption (from 8%) it is possible to make up to 6-7 layers of bricks without lower joint of brickwork being deformed. Compositions of coloured mortar mixes are prepared taking into account severe climatic conditions of Russia and can be used in any region of Russia.    

   IVSIL SEAMER coloured mortar mixes comply with standard requirements of 28013-98 and 31357 State Standard and Control Department for dry mortar cement mixes, they are stable against appearance of cracks and salt marks. The colours of mortar will stay bright and preserved for decades due to the special protection against precipitation and ultra-violet.

   If you take care about brickwork appearance of your house, you do not need to worry about extra faade decoration – choose different colour varieties of bricks and coloured mortar IVSIL SEAMER mixes to match them right now and right here. We can also order a special mix for your project and we will prepare a more or less rich colour according to your wish. And as apposed to European analogues, you will not need to wait for several months and pay extra for custom tax and delivery – your order will be manufactured and prepared for shipment within 3 days.

   Russian prices of IVSIL coloured mortar mixes can be found in the section «Price List». If you have not found the answer to your question as to «Where to buy» (in Russia) IVSIL coloured mortar mixes from the nearest to you partner of IVSIL – contact us by any convenient way (Information is given in the section «Contacts»). We will also be glad to have your comments, questions and opinions referring mortar mixes at the «Forum» (available only in Russian) section of our site.

   We wish your house to have bright faade with IVSIL coloured mortar mixes!

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