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 Foamed glass

Foamed glass

Foamglass (ѕеностекло ru., Glasshaum de.) granulate PENOSTEK – is the innovative, ecologically valuable material made from pure glass. Porous, non-organic aggregate is processed when recycled glass is milled, mixed with blowing agents and melted down in extremely high temperature. Foamglass granulate is unique for its granules structure, as this allows to keep air closed inside the pellet.


Foamglass granulate can be used alone or in composition of binding materials- cement, plaster, epoxy and polyester resins to form composites of different application- waterproof, fire resistant, insulating.

Fields of application:

·        Thermal insulation for walls, floors, ceilings, flat roofs.

·        Thermal insulation for communications, tubes, supply systems, chimneys.

·        In case of drainage, also for road constructions, pavements, bridges, there light and water resistant materials with stable parameters are needed.

·        An excellent light aggregate for production of construction materials:

Dry mortars, lightweight concrete, wall and fundamental blocks, ceiling layers, different kind of concrete products, lightweight concrete constructions for living houses, finishing materials.

·        For industrial applications:

Specialty industrial products- fire resistant constructions, dry mixtures, finishing materials, boards. Nuclear energy products, supply systems, tubes, coating production. For construction of bridges, sea port construction, oil extraction platforms.
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