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Base preparation

   The surface for decorative plaster application must be solid, cleaned from dust, mud, oil, fats, lime, wax, chalk or lime mixtures, oil or emulsion paints. Prior to plastering, the basis must be treated with IVSIL BAZOVAYA (Basis) primer. Strongly absorbing bases (gaze and foam concrete, gipsum plaster, anhydrite) should be primed with IVSIL GLUBOKOGO PRONIKNOVENIYA (primer penetrator) and pre-aligned by one of the facade plasters IVSIL (GROSS or THINER). Unevenness of a walls, a crack, and a recess should be also pre-aligned.


Mixing of mortar

   Dry plaster mix is poured into a mixing bucket with clean water in proportion of 25 kg (whole bag) of dry mix per 5 - 5,5 l of water, then thoroughly stirred manually or with the help of mixing drill, until homogeneous, elastic mixture without any lumps or clots is received. The mixture is left for 5-10 minutes and then stirred again.

   Prepared texture plaster mixture should be used within 2-3 hours.



   Do not apply in windy, rainy weather or under direct effect of sunshine. Technological process of application is as follows: apply a thin layer of decorative textural plaster to the surface with the help of metal plaster trowel and plaster float. Then remove extra plaster in order to leave the thickness not more than the size of grains.

   When the plaster starts to settle (does not stick to the tool), rub the surface with plastic or wood float by circulating movements. As a result of the movements the surface should acquire specific rough decorative surface.

   The time frame of application depends on the temperature and humidity conditions. Applied decorative plaster should be protected from over-drying, effect of direct sunshine or frost (do not let it freeze) for 3 days. Further application of paint can be started not earlier than in 5 days. Any facade paints are suitable.

   The above mentioned instructions are valid for the following conditions: t=+23°, air humidity 60%. Time of setting and drying can vary in different conditions.

Consultation on the pplication materials

TEXTURA (Stone effect)


   Textured rendering IVSIL TEXTURA (Stone effect) is made of white cements of high quality, imported polymer additives and special filler. It creates a specific rough decorative surface, also called «Fur coat», which is ready for further application of paint. It is a textural decorative plaster for interior and exterior jobs, including facade thermo-insulation systems, and it serves as a top decorative layer of multilayered insulation cover.   

Textural plaster «Fur coat» is applied manually on solid basis (concrete, cement and gypsum plasters, plasterboards, gypsum-fibre boards). When dried, it forms a strong, long lasting, textural surface with high level of steam penetration. Decorative plaster «Fur coat» is easy to apply, whilst drying, it does not crack.

   The level of adhesion to the basis is higher than average (similar to tile adhesive), which allows it to be used for decorative façade jobs in any climate zone of Russia. The basic price of IVSIL Stone effect plaster for Moscow and Moscow region is 350-370 roubles. Prices for other facade IVSIL textural and decorative plasters can be found in the section «Price list».  

   See also: decorative textural plaster TEXTURA Groove line or go back to all IVSIL Plasters.

   Dry decorative mixes: facade textural plaster IVSIL Stone structure, textured rendering IVSIL TEXTURA.


Technical characteristics

Mixing proportion: 1l of water
On 1 kg of a mix0,22 0,25 l
On 25 kg of a mix5.0 5,5 l
The consumption at a thickness of a layer of 1 mm, on 1 sq. m1.2 1.3 kg
The consumption at width of a seam of 3 mm, on 1 sq. m3.5 4.0 kg
Thickness of a layer of a solution, mm3.0 mm
Open operating time2 - 3 hours
Hardening time2 3 days
Temperature of works and the base+5 to +30
Durability on compression7,5 Mpa
Adhesive strength0,5 Mpa
Frost resistance50 cycles
Packaging25 kg
Maximum size of a filling material3 mm
Packaging and storage
The dry mix is delivered in kraft-bags of 25 kg. A storage warranty period is 6 months from the date of the manufacturing.
The consumption
The coverage is 3.5 - 4.0 kg of a dry mix on 1 m. of a sq. surface at a thickness of a layer 3 mm. The exact expense depends on degree of flatness (relief) of the basis.
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