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Base preparation

   Concrete or cement basis should be not less than 28 days «old», the temperature – not less than +5° and the strength not less than 20 MP. All construction joints, gaps, cracks and holes, which can create leakage of the mixture, must be filled in. All defects must be cured. A dempfer tape must be laid along the perimeter (and columns) of the floor. 

   The surface must be cleaned from any dust, mud, oil or bitumen spots, paint, etc. The surface must be treated with a floor primer IVSIL TIE-ROD. In case of capillary raise of humidity, the surface should be covered with a layer of hydro-insulation mix IVSIL VODOSTOP.

Mixing of mortar

   Pour the content of a mix pack into a mixing bucket with clean water in the proportion of 25 kg (whole pack) of dry mix per 5,75 - 6,25 L of water and thoroughly stir it with the help of a mixing drill until homogeneous mixture is received. Leave it for 5 minutes, then stir again. Ready mixture should be used within 20 mimutes since it was prepared. Adding to much water to the mix may result in loosing strength characteristics of the mixture and appearance of cracks when the floor has dried. 


   Pour ready mixture on prepared surface, float and spread it evenly with the help of walking trowel or float. Roll a needle roller over the surface to get rid of air bubbles in the mixture. If the area is more than 20 square metres, it is necessary to treat deformation joints. Floor levelling should be done in one go without technological breaks. 

   Do not allow draughts, direct sunshine or sharp changes of temperature or humidity whilst the floor is getting dry. Air and basis temperature must be from +5° to +30°. 

   You can walk over the floor in 3 hours and you can start tiling not less than in 10-12 hours. Further application of floor decoration materials should follow instructions of manufacturers (not before 7 days!). Do not forget to control basis humidity level.

Consultation on the pplication materials



   Rapid hardening finishing-off flooring mix IVSIL EXPRESS FINISH of «Fast repair» series is based on special fast settling cement of high quality, fractioned sand with mineral fillers and polymer additives. It is designed for finishing-off levelling of floors and creation of smooth horizontal basis over sand-cement and concrete screeds prior to further application of decorative flooring materials (linoleum, laminate, carpetlin, parquet, cork, tiles, ceramic-granite, etc.).

   It has high adhesion level, short period of setting: it is possible to walk over the surface in 3 hours and to start tiling in 10-12 hours after pouring the flooring mixture! When settled, it forms a perfectly smooth levelled surface. The strength level of settled floor is higher than normal (the floor can sustain load of 200kg/sq.cm), which makes it suitable for flooring in busy places like offices, shops, supermarkets, including its use under soft carpeting. It is used as frost resistant flooring mix for exterior and interior jobs.

   As it is humidity resistant and water resistant, it is suitable for use in premises with normal and high level of humidity. Like all other IVSIL flooring mixes, it is suitable for use in «heated floor» systems, for pouring over floor with heating, as a thin finishing layer to minimise loss of warmth.

   It is recommended for urgent repair in cases when limited timeframe does not allow to use flooring materials with normal setting period. To read more about use of «Fast repair» series click HERE. In Moscow the price of finishing-off levelling mix of «Fast repair» series is 420-450 roubles/25 kg. To get information regarding prices of other IVSIL flooring mixes, please visit our section «Price List».

See also: thick-layered floor levelling mix of «Fast repair» series IVSIL EXPRESS-BASIS, thin finishing-off floor with normal time of setting IVSIL TIE-ROD-II, primers for all types of flooring, screed and levelling mixes IVSIL TIE-ROD.

   Flooring dry mixes: rapid hardening, self-levelling, finishing-off floor IVSIL EXPRESS-FINISH, self-levelling floor for urgent repair.


Technical characteristics

Mixing proportion: 1l of water
On 1 kg of a mix0,23 0,25 l
On 25 kg of a mix5,75 6,25 l
The consumption at a thickness of a layer of 1 mm, on 1 sq. m1,4 1,8 kg
Thickness of a layer of a solution, mm2 10 mm
Viability of a solution20 min
Hardening time3 hours
Temperature of works and the baseFrom +5 to +30
Durability on compression20 MPa
Packagingbag 25 kg
Packaging and storage
The dry mix is delivered in kraft-bags on 25 kg. A storage warranty period is 6 months from the date of the manufacturing.
The consumption
The average expense 4,8 kg of a dry mix on 1 m. of a sq. surface at a thickness of a layer of 3 mm. The exact expense depends is degree of flatness (relief) of the basis.
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