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   Finishing plasters are dry mixes for final smoothing of the surface of walls, ceilings and facade. It is a construction materials primarily designed for fine finishing of gypsum, cement, concrete, plastered walls surface prior to application of paint or wall paper. Another purpose is to cover joints of plasterboards and to fill in holes left after screws, or any other uneven patches or holes (also called joint fillers). The main differences between finishing and repairing plasters are thickness of layer and smoothness of the result surface. Of course, there are some types of repairing plasters, which can level the surface and smooth it till the final perfect result. But most of plasters are not designed for both purposes. Besides, finishing plasters are traditional materials and they are better for fine levelling of walls and ceilings, there is hardly any material, which can do it better. Further down we will discuss it in more details…

cement-based finishing plaster for interior and facade work, thickness of the coating 0,5 - 8mm


cement-based for all-types mineral-based walls and ceilings, thickness of the coating 0,5 - 8mm. For interior works in rooms with normal and high humidity


white thin gypsum finishing plaster for indoor walls and ceilings, also for sealing of plasterboard joints, thickness of the coating 0,3 - 5mm


Gipsum putty on video (comments in Russian)

   … So the main difference between repairing plaster and finishing is that the result surface treated with finish looks better: it is a perfectly smooth, levelled surface, ready for further application of any type of paint or decorative material. The only thing you need to do is to choose the right type of it.

   Bearing in mind that putty contains fine fillers, smoothing of walls and ceiling surface with finish should be done with a thin layer, usually from 0,1 to 10 mm only. Some finishing mixes can be applied in a thicker layer, but due to specific characteristics of the material it is recommended to do it only on small areas. For example, one can use certain types of it for repairing a small crack in the plastered surface or to apply in the joints between plasterboards. Besides, because of the fact that plasters is based on the more refined components, finishing will make the further use of paint or adhesives for wallpaper more economical. In case of paint application it will provide better covering of paint layers.

   Technological procedure of work consists of the following stages: application on the surface of walls or ceilings, drying and subsequent polishing of the surface. Polishing is required for deleting errors of plaster application, for example traces of putty knife or trowel. Skilled specialists, of course can apply it in a perfectly smooth layer, which will not require subsequent polishing with sandpaper or only a little bit of it. But modern mixes can provide a good result even for those who are only beginners and not very much skilled.

   The main requirements towards plasters for interior and exterior use are the following: when dried, they must form a solid smooth surface for further application of paint or wallpaper, they should not crack and must provide strong bond with the surface of the basis. Besides whilst being applied, putty mixture must spread evenly and easily without leaving traces from application tools. That can be achieved by proper recipe of the mix components: bonding, filling components and modifying additives. And of course, prepared mixture should not run down the wall or ceiling when applied. IVSIL finishing olasters is of good quality with sufficient elasticity and smoothness. When dried, it is easy to be polished and it does not fall out of the surface when touched.

   Our range of products includes finishing plasters for exterior and interior use, water resistant and frost resistant putties, finishing gypsum and cement putties and joint filler:

   - Facade IVSIL FASADNAYA. The name of the product speaks for itself – this water resistant and frost resistant cement finish is suitable for exterior use in aggressive atmospheric environment and is designed for facade jobs;

   - Economical white IVSIL BAZOVAYA (Basis) cement-based and water resistant fine plaster for finishing off interior concrete surfaces, for fine treatment of cement plasters;

   - Gypsum IVSIL FINISHNAYA (Finish) is for interior works of fine finishing of gypsum repared surfaces, prior to painting or adhesion of wallpaper. It is also used for treatment of plasterboards or drywall joints;

   - Polymer IVSIL Greentex thin plaster, can be used indoor in dry conditions. It is sparkling white, smooth and easy to work with.

   Detailed information about every type of IVSIL finishing plasters can be found at the corresponding page for each specific product. You can find the right type of dry mix, which is required for your conditions and to calculate the necessary amount of the product by clicking on the link at the top right hand side corner of this page. Otherwise you can find calculation facility for every type of the dry mix on the specific page of this product. It is needless to say that naturally, all our plasters have been properly certified, including voluntary certification by Rostest. Prices for IVSIL can be found in the section «Price list». The section «Where to buy» (in Russia) will help to find a wholesale dealer of IVSIL products in your town. If you click here, you can find all wholesale and retail shops of IVSIL products in Moscow. The section «Certificates» (available in Russian) will allow you to print out or download necessary certificates.

   You can discuss our products, ask any question about them or leave your comment on our «Forum» (sorry, also available only in Russian). On this page you can also watch our video about technological peculiarities of work with IVSIL filler whilst applying it to the joints of plasterboards.

   We wish your house to have smooth walls and we wish you to enjoy working with excellent, reliable, economical dry mixes IVSIL!
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