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Mixing of mortar

   Shake well before use.



   Pour the additive in a mixing water of concrete or cement solution according the recommendations listed on the pack and mix carefully.

Consultation on the pplication materials



   Frost resistant additive to concrete and cement mixes IVSIL MOROZOSTOP (Frost Resistant).

   IVSIL MOROZOSTOP is an economical frost resistant, water-reduction additive with plasticizing agent. It is designed for cement mixtures, concrete and mortar.

   Characteristics and properties of frost resistant additive:

   - provides settling of cement based mixtures and mixes at the range of temperatures from -15ºC to +15ºC.

   - increases mobility of concrete mixtures from 3-4cm to 12-14 cm with the same proportion of water/cement;

   - water-reduction effective (group III according to State Standard and Control Department), it decreases water consumption by 6-11% and more;

   - does not cause corrosion of steel framework,

   - fastens setting of concrete and increase its strength by 20% and more within 1 day of settling;

   - decreases water release and separation of mixtures;

   - ensures that mixture’s inner tension is less and stops deformation whilst the mixture is setting;

   - guarantees that settled mixture is more solid, homogenous, improves its water and frost resistant and bonding characteristics;

   - compatible with other additives to concrete and mortar.

   The basic price of IVSIL frost resistant additive, which fastens setting of cement and concrete mixtures is 470 roubles/10 L. See other IVSIL primers prices in the section Price List.

   See also: section all IVSIL primers, or go to the main page of the site.

   IVSIL frost resistant additive MOROZOSTOP for concrete & cement-based dry mixes


Technical characteristics

Packagingcanister of 10 l
Packaging and storage
The additive is delivered in plastic canisters of 10 l. A storage warranty period is 1 year from the date of the manufacturing. Keep out of reach of children.
The consumption
Per 100 kg cement (400kg dry mix mortar): 1l (1 % from the cement maintenance) at temperatures from +15 to -5C 1,5l (1,5 % from the cement maintenance) at temperatures from -5C to -10C 2l (2 % from the cement maintenance) at temperatures from -10C to -15C
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