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Base preparation

  The base should be dry, cleared of a dust, dirt, oils and greases. Paint and unstable and fragile parts of surface must be removed.

Mixing of mortar

   Shake well before use.


   The primer is applied in even, continuous layer by a brush, roller or a spray gun. It is recommended to apply two layers to the surfaces with high level of absorption. Standard concrete surfaces should be treated with a primer mixture dissolved in water at the proportion 1 : 1.

   The temperature of the basis must be not less than 5ºC. It is necessary to avoid accumulation, stagnation of primer on the surface or formation of shiny film.

Consultation on the pplication materials

Primer penetrator


   Acrylic based IVSIL deep penetration primer is designed for prime treatment of surfaces with high absorption level for further application of plaster, tiling adhesive and other construction mixtures, as well as facade water dispersion paints.

   This hardening primer is suitable for foam-concrete and aerated concrete, plasterboards, bricks, plastered surfaces, any type of porous concrete; for interior and exterior jobs. Steam-penetrating primer.

   Acrylic primer of deep penetration hardens week and porous surfaces, decreases absorption level of the basis and consumption of covering materials, absorbs dust from the surface.

   It is recommended for use in the cases when it is necessary to lower absorption level of porous surfaces, to harden loose and friable surfaces. Proper treatment of these types of surfaces can guarantee good quality of further materials application.

   Primer of deep penetration acquired its characteristics due to the bonding substance, particles of which are 8-10 times less than those of primers for standard surfaces. It is easier for them to get through micro-pores of materials, to deeply penetrate them, soak and «glue» it all the way through.   

   This primer is very economical because it is concentrated: when working with standard concrete surfaces with low absorption level, it is possible to dissolve it with water and save money and effort.

   Apart from the main function, primer of deep penetration has a very important characteristic: it produces anti-fungi and anti-bacterial effect. This characteristic prevent formation of mould and fungi, provide long lasting quality result and helps to avoid specific bad smell, which usually occur in wet premises like basements.

   Retail price of IVSIL deep penetration primer in Moscow is around 385-399 roubles. To find prices of other IVSIL primers, please visit the section Price List.

See also: multipurpose primer IVSIL BAZOVAYA, primer for floors and floor levelling IVSIL TIE-ROD.

IVSIL mixtures and primers: acrylic bonding primer, deeply-penetrating primer


Technical characteristics

Packaging10 l
Drying-out time45 - 60 minutes
Consumption on 1sq.m180- 250 ml
Packaging and storage
The primer is delivered in plastic canisters of 10 l. A storage warranty period is 6 months from the date of the manufacturing. Prevent freezing of primer during storage and transportation.
The consumption
Average consumption of one layer is 180 250 ml on 1 sq. m of a surface. The exact consumption depends of of porosity of the base and its structure.
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