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 Unmodified mixes

Unmodified mixes

   Sand-cement mixes for general construction use, IVSIL M150, is manufactured in three varieties: masonry mix, plaster mix and multipurpose mix. As a matter of fact, these mixes are the most simple sand-cement mixes with a small quantity of modifying additives for easier work with it. The sphere of application is quiet standard: plain floor screed; plastering works, brickwork of walls, partitions made of bricks and other small construction elements, plain manual floor screed. Dry mortar mix sand-concrete M200 is suitable for screed and covering of floors, steps, foundations, application to the joints. Both sand-cement and sand-concrete mixes are used for exterior and interior works. The main characteristic of these mixes is their strength. Special additives, which are included into the composition of sand-cement and sand-concrete mixes M-150 and M-200 add some elasticity and make them easier to work with. And by the way, if necessary, IVSIL company will manufacture extra strong sand-concrete M 300 mix especially for you.


dry mortar sand concrete with the additive for concreting floors, stairs, installation of foundations, anchoring elements


dry mortar with strength of M-150. Three types of mixes: multipurpose, plastering, masonry


   Our 15 years experience of work with sand-cement dry mixes shows that unfortunately, these plain construction materials are more prone to suffer from bad manufacturing practice, as their producers are trying to make them as cheap as possible. And here is the main benefit of using IVSIL sand-cement and sand-concrete mixes as they are manufactures in accordance with high standards! You can be sure that IVSIL sand-cement mix M-150 and IVSIL sand-concrete M-200 fully complies with the standard 28013-98 for dry construction mix of State Standard and Control Department. IVSIL trade mark is a guarantee of that!

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