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 Other adhesives

Other adhesives

   Adhesives for assembling are multi-component mixes for assembling and fastening of construction materials of different types. Different types of IVSIL adhesives are suitable for construction and assembling of plasterboard partitions, for adhesion of foam-plastic boards and mineral wool, for work with foam-concrete and aerated blocks. Any assembling adhesive is characterised first of all by its level of adhesion, bonding to the foundation. Then there are different key characteristics depending on the purpose of use of each adhesive...


adhesive for polystyrene, to create a reinforcing protective layer also


thin layer adhesive for foam- and aerated concrete blocks and other insulating blocks


gypsum-based adhesive for drywall (plasterboard), for internal works


   … IVSIL company offers three types of adhesive for assembling (two types for assembling of thermo- insulation boards and adhesive for plasterboards) and one adhesive for foam-concrete/aerated concrete:

   - two types of adhesives for thermo-insulation, assembling IVSIL TERMOFIX: adhesive for mineral wool and adhesive for foam-polystyrene boards. Economical and strong adhesives for thermo-insulation of buildings. Letters M and R in the name of adhesives stand for different types of insulator. The same multipurpose adhesives ensure a perfect result of creating a reinforcement layer on top of the insulation cover of facade.  

   - Adhesive for foam-blocks IVSIL BLOCK – is one of very few adhesives for foam-blocks and aerated blocks, which can be applied in a very thin layer. This thin layer (only 2 mm) guarantees absence of «frost bridges» between thermo insulation blocks. It also allows to work with blocks faster, easier and what is most important – more ECONOMICAL than with traditional plain sand-cement mortar. Before the end of winter you can also order winter season version of adhesive for foam-concrete work in subzero temperatures.

   - IVSIL PLAST adhesive for plasterboards, which allows to do DIY plasterboard assembling at home in a very easy uncomplicated way, as opposed to a traditional technique of assembling by means of mechanical fixtures.

   You can find more information referring thermo-insulation, plaster boards and foam-concrete adhesives on this page by clicking on the picture of the sack under this text. Prices for IVSIL adhesives are as usual in the section «Price list», information about «Where to buy» is in corresponding section of the site. If you have not found an answer to any of your questions regarding IVSIL products on the pages of this site, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Forum or by using our contact details, which are presented at «Contacts» section.

   And as usual, we wish you to enjoy working with fast, easy and reliable IVSIL adhesives for assembling!

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