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Base preparation

   Basis surface must be cleaned from dust, mud, oils, fats. Friable, flimsy patches must be removed. Uneven surface, cracks, blowholes, cavities must be filled and levelled with IVSIL GROSS or IVSIL THINER plasters. Before to start the job, treat the basis with one of IVSIL primers.

Mixing of mortar

   Dry mix is poured into a mixing bucket with clean water in proportion of 1 kg of dry mix per 0,21-0,23 l of water, then thoroughly stirred manually or with the help of mixing drill, until homogeneous, elastic mixture. The mixture is left for 5 minutes and then stirred again. Prepared mixture should be used within 2 — 2,5 hours.



   Fixing of foam-polystyrene insulation boards.

   Depending on the state of a basis, there can be different techniques of IVSIL TERMOFIX-P adhesive application. If the difference in levels of the surface is not more than 1 cm (it is checked with a two metre stick), then 3-4 cm wide layer of adhesive is applied along the perimeter of the insulation material, 2-4 cm off the edge of the board, plus several round patches in the middle (8-10 cm in diameter), thickness of the layers is not more than 2 cm. The maximum thickness of adhesive layer after the boards are glued to the surface must be not more than 10mm. If the difference of surface levels is not more than 3 mm, IVSIL TERMOFIX-P is applied by a notched trowel (notch size - 10-12 mm) as a continuous layer, 2-4 mm off the edge of the board. Immediately after that the board should be put against the surface of the basis and pressed down with the help of a long float.

   Boards should be put together edge to edge, flat, with T-shape tie joints. Joints and edges should be free from adhesive. After the boards are pressed to the surface the contact area covered with the adhesive should be not less than 50% of the entire surface.

   In order to guarantee good quality of extruded foam-polystyrene adhesion to the surface and preserving its technical characteristics, it is necessary to fix these boards to the surface by special dowels. Further work (mechanical fixing by dowels, setting up of reinforced protection layer) is conducted in 48 hours after the insulation material is glued to the surface by the adhesive.

   Setting up of protection reinforced layer.

   Adhesive is spread over the surface of boards by a metal trowel, thickness of the layer should be 2-4 cm. Vertical strips of reinforcement glass-mesh are put over applied mixture and are sunk in the mixture by a trowel handle. The strips must overlap not less than 10 cm. The second 2-3 mm layer of adhesive is applied and smoothed over the mesh so that to hide it. Application of further materials (decorative plasters, special paints, etc) can be done in 2-3 days after setting up of this protection layer.

Consultation on the pplication materials



   Adhesive for foam-polystyrene IVSIL TERMOFIX-P is based on cement, imported polymer additives and fractioned sand. It is designed for assembling of foam-polystyrene boards, foam plastic, including facade thermo-panels made of foam and extruded foam-polystyrene. This adhesive for thermo-insulation with high level of bonding with a basis: adhesion to concrete is higher than 1Mp (force application for pulling off is not less than 10 kg/sq.cm), adhesion to insulation material is higher than force application for pulling off any type of foam-polystyrene boards.

   This adhesive provides reliable long lasting bond of foam-plastic boards in places with high dynamic pressure, it is used for interior jobs and for exterior insulation systems of facade in any climatic zone of Russia.  Water resistant and frost resistant facade adhesive for thermo-insulation provides necessary steam penetration at setting up insulation systems and it does not allow the surface to contact water and precipitation.  

   It is an economical adhesive of low consumption for foam-plastic – it does not require thick layer of application, when the difference in levels is not big, its high adhesion level make it possible to apply it not over entire surface of a foam-polystyrene board. When using it, one does not need any additional reinforcement construction mixtures. It is also used for creating a protection layer, reinforced by glass-mesh for facade insulation exterior jobs.

   The basic price of foam-polystyrene adhesive is 312 roubles/25 kg. To find information about other IVSIL adhesives for setting of insulation systems, please visit the section «Price list».

   See also: Adhesive for mineral wool IVSIL TERMOFIX-M, facade thermo-insulation plaster IVSIL TERMOSIL.

   IVSIL dry assembling mixes: assembling adhesive for foam-plastic IVSIL TERMOFIX, cement based adhesive for foam-polystyrene assembling, adhesive for extruded foam-polystyrene: house insulation, insulation of walls.


Technical characteristics

Mixing proportion: 1l of water
On 1 kg of a mix0,21-0,23
On 25 kg of a mix5,25-5,75
Viability of a solution2-2,5h
Open operating time15min
Temperature of works and the basefrom +5 C to +30 C
Durability on compression7,5MPa
Frost resistance75 cycles
Firmness to temperaturesfrom -50 to +60
Maximum size of a filling material0,63mm
Packaging and storage
The dry adhesive mix is delivered in kraft-bags of 25 kg. A storage warranty period is 6 months from the date of the manufacturing.
The consumption
Average consumption: Fixing of mineral wool: 3,5 5,5 kg of a dry mix on 1 m. of a sq. surface (depends of a thickness of a layer); Setting up of protection layer: 4,5 5,0 kg of a dry mix on 1 m. of a sq. surface at the thickness of a layer 3 mm.
The surface within 1 days should be protected from drying, impact of straight solar rays and water, not to suppose congealing. The recommendations about application are true at t = +23 and a relative humidity of air of 60%. In other conditions the setting time and material drying-out can vary.
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