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Base preparation

   Basis surface must be cleaned from dust, mud, oils, fats. Friable, flimsy patches must be removed. Before to start the job, treat the basis with one of IVSIL primers.

Mixing of mortar

   Dry mix is poured into a mixing bucket with clean water in proportion of 1 kg of dry mix per 0,35-0,4 l of water, then thoroughly stirred manually or with the help of mixing drill, until homogeneous, elastic mixture. The mixture is left for 5 minutes and then stirred again. Prepared mixture should be used within 30minutes!


   Ready adhesive is applied to horizontally laid board by portions (one trowel each) along the board in one the middle of the boards with the interval of 30-40 cm and along the perimeter with smaller intervals, in order to prevent deformation of boards at the joining places.

   The board should be lifted by two people and pressed against the wall, the position of the board can be corrected within 10-15 minutes by slight knocking on the board over a wooden stick. If uneven patches of the basis are deeper than 2 cm, they are levelled by vertical strips of a board, 10 cm wide each, after every 60 cm. Plus two horizontal strips on the level of the top and bottom of the main board, which will be put on the wall later. It is necessary to leave 2 mm gaps between the wall boards, 5 mm between ceiling boards and 10 mm between floor boards. These gaps are filled in 24 hours.

   The temperature of the basis and air should be +5ºC to +30ºC.

Consultation on the pplication materials



   Assembling adhesive for plasterboards IVSIL PLAST is based on gypsum bonding agent with a set of polymer additives. This adhesive is used for levelling of walls with plasterboards and is designed for assembling plasterboards, gypsum fibreboards and panels, foam-polystyrene and mineral wool boards over plastered, concrete, foam-concrete and brick basis without using extra mechanical fixings.

   Unlike fixing plasterboards with sliding fixtures, adhesive for plasterboards requires minimum skills and is suitable for DIY levelling walls with plasterboards in your apartment in minimum period of time. Due to high adhesion level it does not require continuous application over the whole board and it can provide low consumption of the material.

   Assembling adhesive for plasterboards can be also used as adhesive for assembling of grooved panels or gypsum blocks for interior jobs and as a material for treatment of plasterboard joints. IVSIL PLAST provides solid bonding of plasterboard joints without using of reinforcement tape.

   Please, pay attention that it is recommended to do assembling of plasterboards with IVSIL PLAST adhesive on properly squared and angled walls without deviation from vertical level. Otherwise it is better to use traditional system of sliding guide fixtures.     

   The basic price of adhesive for assembling of plasterboards is 230 roubles/30 kg. See prices of other IVSIL assembling adhesives on the page «Price list».

   See also: putty for treatment of plasterboards IVSIL FINISH, adhesive for thermo-insulation exterior jobs: adhesive for foam-polystyrene IVSIL Termofix-P, adhesive for mineral wool IVSIL Termofix-M.

   IVSIL dry assembling mixes: adhesive for assembling of plasterboards IVSIL PLAST, adhesive for dry wall installation, adhesive for grooved gypsum blocks.


Technical characteristics

Mixing proportion: 1l of water
On 1 kg of a mix0,35 - 0,4 l
On 30 kg of a mix10,5 - 12 l
Thickness of a layer of a solution, mm5 - 20mm
Viability of a solution30 min
Temperature of works and the baseFrom +5 to +30
Durability on compression6,0 MPa
Adhesive strength0,5MPa
Beginning catching time not earlier than100min
Packaging and storage
The dry adhesive mix is delivered in kraft-bags of 30 kg. A storage warranty period is 6 months from the date of the manufacturing.
The consumption
Average consumption 2 5 kg (depends of a thickness of a layer) of a dry mix on 1 m. of a sq. surface.
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