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 Waterproofing and repairing

Waterproofing and repairing

   Waterproofing mixes are compositions, which protect building constructions from penetration of water.

   Waterproof mix IVSIL Vodostop belongs to the group of surface waterproofing materials and is in fact insulation material, which is applied by spreading it over the surface with the help of a brush or a trowel. When dried, this mix creates a proper waterproof layer. The benefit of using IVSIL Vodostop is that it is easy to apply and economical. Two-three thin layers will ensure complete protection from water penetration. Therefore only one sack of this material is sufficient for treating floors and adjusted areas in a bathroom of average size.

   The areas of use for IVSIL Vodostop are multiple – concrete surfaces of different types, walls and floors in kitchens and bathrooms; it is used in shower rooms, on roofs and floors in accommodation buildings and industrial buildings, for extra protection of building foundation and swimming pools. Further we will give information referring repair mix and fast waterproof fixing mix…


oating for waterproofing a floors, walls and foundations of buildings, for exterior and interior applications


universal repair dry mix for exterior and interior applications, high-solid and stong. Also used as high-strenght industrial screed


   … IVSIL Render, a repair mix based on cement, provides highly strong bond and belongs to the group of surface repair mixes. This material is designed to reconstruct geometrical shape and functions of constructions with the help of surface treatment. IVSIL Render is designed to cure the problems and to repair holes, chips, damaged walls, floors, window and doorways. Besides, it can be used as an independent material for industrial floor levelling and covering. IVSIL Render is a multipurpose repair mix, which can sustain a big load: after having dried it can sustain 50 MPa, which in plain words is 500 (!!!) kg per 1 square cm.

   Fast hardening allows this mix to provide half of solidity of 25MPa on the second day already. It implies that this mix can be used as an element of highly strong screed of industrial floors in a garage, parking and other places, where there are many vehicles. After complete setting this mix can provide such a solid surface that it can sustain caterpillar mechanisms.

   The third product of this line is somewhere in the middle, when it comes to areas of use, between waterproof mix and repair mix. It is difficult to classify IVSIL Hydroplomba in a more precise manner. As a matter of fact, this mix is used partly for repair and partly for waterproofing purposes. Its purpose is to quickly stop water leaks via cracks, holes in any basis of any mineral nature: cement, bricks, concrete walls and floors. Hydroplomba can be used even under high water pressure.

   Extremely fast speed of this mix drying allows to stop water leak in 1 minute. In 3 minute Hydroplomba is completely settled, quick repair is done and one can start addressing the general cause of water leak (and if you have not done waterproofing cover of your bathroom floor, you can start talking to your neighbours downstairs). Besides, IVSIL Hydroplomba, due to its extremely short time of hardening, is very popular as a help device for quick fixing of different parts and elements during repair works.

   Prices for IVSIL waterproof and repair products are as usual in the section «Price list», information about «Where to buy» (in Russia) is in corresponding section of the site. To ask any question regarding IVSIL products you can contact us via our Forum or by using our contact details, which are presented at «Contacts» section. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible!

   And as usual, we wish you to enjoy working with fast, easy and reliable IVSIL waterproof and repair mixes!

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