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Base preparation

   The surface of the basis must be cleaned from dust, mud, oil, fats, paint. Friable and loose patches should be removed. Cracks, holes, uneven places, joints of brickwork, ongoing leaks should be filled in and fixed with the mixture of IVSIL GIDROPLOMBA. The strength of the basis must be not less than 15MP. Concrete or brickwork basis must be not less than 3 months old, plastered surfaces – not less than 28 days. Adjoining corners between the walls and the floor should be rounded by 3-4 cm radius fillets, made of IVSIL EXPRESS+ or any other repair material. Before to apply IVSIL VODOSTOP the basis should be wet!!!


Mixing of mortar

   Dry mix is poured into the bucket with clean water and thoroughly stirred, manually or by a mixing drill before to achieve homogeneous elastic mixture. Leave it for 5 minutes, then stir again.

   Depending on the method of application, it is necessary to choose the proportion of mixture: if the mixture is applied by a trowel, then the proportion is 1kg of dry mix for 0,21-0,22 l of water, if the mixture is applied by a brush, then the proportion is 1 kg of dry mix for 0,22-0,25 l of water. Prepared mixture should be used within 5-6 hours.



   Waterproof mixture is applied to the wet basis in 2-3 layers, depending on the method of application: if it is applied by a trowel, then it is 2 layers, if it is applied by a brush, then it is three layers application. The second and third layer is applied with a technique «wet on wet», which means that the previous layer should be settled but still wet. Every next layer should be applied perpendicularly to the previous one. Further jobs, including tiling, are made after 24-48 hours since the last layer of waterproofing is made.

Consultation on the pplication materials



   IVSIL VODOSTOP waterproofing mix is based on cement, fractioned filler and a set of polymer additives. It is used for creation of waterproofing layer on solid, homogeneous, non-deformed basis (concrete, brickwork, cement screed and plaster) in the accommodation buildings and industrial constructions.

   It can be used as a material for solid waterproofing of concrete floor and walls in interior and exterior jobs in order to protect the basis from water in the following cases: waterproofing of a bathroom, shower room, swimming pool (not more than 5 m deep), water proofing of foundation (including underground part of it), balconies, terraces, underground transport constructions, fountains, water reservoirs, artificial water reserves.

   Low consumption of IVSIL Vodostop is achieved due to thin layer of application (it is applied in 3 layers by a brush or in 2 layers by a trowel). The thickness of 1 layer of waterproofing mixture should not be more than 1,5 mm. One pack of IVSIL Vodostop is enough for treatment of the floor and adjusted surfaces of an average bathroom.

   It is available in packs of 20 kg and 5 kg. The basic price of waterproofing mix IVSIL Vodostop is 450 roubles/20 kg. See the prices of other materials for waterproofing and repair in the section «Price list».

See also: waterproof, repair mix for fixing of water leaks IVSIL GIDROPLOMBA or go to the section IVSIL waterproofing and repair mixes.

   IVSIL waterproofing materials and mixes: waterproofing mixture for interior and exterior jobs IVSIL VODOSTOP, waterproofing of floors and walls, waterproofing of the house.


   Floor waterproofing on video (comment and text are in Russian):




Technical characteristics

Mixing proportion: 1l of water
On 1 kg of a mix0,21-0,25 l
On 20 kg of a mix4,2 - 5 l
The consumption at a thickness of a layer of 1 mm, on 1 sq. m1,2-1,4kg/cm2
Viability of a solution5-6 hours
Temperature of works and the basefrom +5 to +30
Durability on compression25 Mpa
Adhesive strength1,0 Mpa
Frost resistancenot less than 50 cycles
Packaging20 kg, 5 kg
Packaging and storage
The dry waterproofing mix is delivered in kraft-bags of 20 and 5 kg. A storage warranty period is 6 months from the date of the manufacturing.
The consumption
Average consumption 2,5 4,5 kg (with average thickness of a layer 2 - 3 mm) of a dry mix on 1 m. of a sq. surface.
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