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Base preparation

The base surface should be carefully undusted, cleared of stains, fats, oils, paint. Showered and fragile lots of the base should be removed. To remove destroyed and carbonized concrete, to clear armature of a rust, if necessary to replace the armature which has lost a load-carrying capacity. To give to the cleared surface coarseness for the best cohesion of new concrete with the old. To impregnate a concrete surface with water before saturation. If on a repaired surface are available active leaking (skid feet) of water in this case before drawing mix it is necessary for mix to liquidate such leaking by means of rapid-hardening mix IVSIL GIDROPLOMBA


Mixing of mortar

Dry mix to pour out in capacity with pure water and stir carefully manually or mechanically for 4-5 minutes before reception of homogeneous mass without clots. For reception of an appropriate body of a solution add water in the small portions.



Material drawing probably both manually and mechanized way. Drawing by manual way. Mortar mix put on the prepared surface by means of a stopping knife. If depth of repaired defect exceeds 60mm, level-by-level drawing of a solution is recommended. Each following layer put after catching the previous layer. Before drawing of each following layer the surface is humidified. The repeated diluting of a solution is not supposed by water. After drawing of a repair solution not to suppose drying-out of a surface within the first days. Terms of catching and hardening solution can change depending on temperature and air humidity. It is recommended o make works at air temperature not less than +5°. At work with IVSIL RENDER and the further care of it is necessary to be guided by general size standards and rules on work with cement materials. For machine drawing plaster, stations of any mark are used.

Consultation on the pplication materials



   Super strong multipurpose repair mix IVSIL RENDER is based on cement, fractioned filler and a set of polymer additives. Repair mixture is used for repair of reinforced carrying constructions (including staircases, borders, etc.), for reconstruction of surfaces (chips, dints), protection of concrete against chloride and sulphate water, for fast preparation of false work and foundation for equipment. This mixture is used for repair of reinforced concrete constructions, walls, ceilings, water lines, as a repair mix for concrete, working on the concrete and cement floors of mechanical workshops, garages and different types of industrial floors.

It is also recommended as an industrial screed – very strong floor levelling mix (level of strength M500, or 50Mpa, which means it can sustain 500 kg/sq.cm) as a basis for further application of finishing-off cement, polymer, polyurethane, apoxie industrial floors. Floor levelling and repair of concrete floors with IVSIl RENDER is recommended in garages, industrial constructions, industrial workshops, supermarkets, shopping centres and any other places which are meant to sustain permanent or periodical high load on the floor. If the finishing-off material applied on top of IVSIL RENDER layer is strong enough to comply with the same requirements towards solidity, IVSIL RENDER can sustain load of transport, fork-lift trucks and even caterpillar vehicles.

As a repair material, as well as industrial flooring material, IVSDIL RENDER provides a strong bond with old concrete basis. It is frost resistant (not less than 50 cycles) and can be used in places with high load for interior and exterior jobs. it acquires strength very fast – even after 24 hours, its characteristics of strength reach fifty percent of the final level (250 kg/sq-cm). Complete final level of strength is achieved in 28 days, similar to all cement materials.

It is available in 20 kg and 5 kg packs. Basic price of repair concrete – industrial screed IVSIL RENDER – 350 roubles/20 kg. The prices of other IVSIL repair mixes can be found in the section «Price list».

    See also: section Flooring or the section Waterproof and repair mixes or go to the main page of IVSIL site.


Technical characteristics

Mixing proportion: 1l of water
On 20 kg of a mix2,8-3,0 l
Thickness of a layer of a solution, mm20-60 mm
Viability of a solution40 min
Adhesive strength3 MPa
Maximum size of a filling material3 mm
Packaging and storage
The storage warranty period in a dry premise in packaging materials of the manufacturer is 6 months from the date of manufacturing. The material from laid bare packing should be spent completely.
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