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Base preparation

Seams or joints should be expanded both by width and depth for no less than 20 mm for the whole length up to the side faces. The edges of seams or joints must be solid, hard, and free of oils or grease. At the connection holes, the width of pointed joint around the hole should be no less than 30 mm.

The basement surface should be pre-wetted. The pointed wall chases must be luted in with sealer and carefully sealed. In case of strong water head the wall chases must be luted in with IVSIL Gidroplomba. The newly applied coat must be protected from direct sunlight, draughts, rain and frost for 48 hours. In case of need, maintain wetting with paintbrush or protect the finished layer with PE film. Further sealing and tile paving should be done not earlier than in 3 days after the sealer is applied.

Consultation on the pplication materials

Seam waterproofing IVSIL GIDROLINE


Dry mix for seams sealing & waterproofing IVSIL GIDROLINE -

is a solid, waterproof, non-shrinking and environmentally friendly mixture with high adhesion capacity. It is produced from high-quality cement, graded sand and a set of polymeric additives. It is intended mainly for sealing seams and joints and to protect them from corrosion:

- in hydro-facilities, including wells, pools, sewage disposal plants, quays and harbors;

- in civil and industrial construction industry, including balconies, recessed balconies, basements, sanitary facilities and other;

- in road construction industry, including passages, bridges, roadside drainages.

The seam sealer is also applied:

- to non-saline concrete, solid reinforced concrete structures and prefabricated concrete structures;

- at external and internal works;

- along vertical and horizontal surfaces.

It is not allowed for use with deformation and expansion seams if the load values exceed the product specifications.


Technical characteristics

Mixing proportion: 1l of water
On 1 kg of a mix0.19l
Thickness of a layer of a solution, mm20-60 mm
Viability of a solution20 min
Temperature of works and the base+5 - +30
Durability on compression35MPa
Adhesive strength1,2MPa
Packaging and storage
The storage warranty period in a dry premise in packaging materials of the manufacturer is 12 months from the date of manufacturing. The material from laid bare packing should be spent completely.
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