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                                                                                                               Tile adhesives

IVSIL START cement-based tile adhesive for internal and external works with ceramic tiles, resistant to frost25199,00213,0048
IVSIL FIX for internal & external works with ceramic tiles, low consumption of adhesive25179,00192,0048

IVSIL MAXI PLUS for thicknesses from 2 to 20 mm, for ceramic tile, ceramic mosaic, ceramic granit, for indoors & outdoors, without having to level the flooring beforehand

25230,00253,00 48 
IVSIL CLASSIC standart EN 12004 class С1Т! For internal and external works, resistant to frost flexible glue, used for standard size granite also25275,00303,0048
IVSIL EXPRESS+ (line of materials "QUICK REPAIRS"for internal and external works, with accelerated hardening (tile grouting in 3 hours), flexible glue, used for standard size granite also25295,00325,0048
 - / - / -109,00120,00 
IVSIL PROFIT standart EN 12004 class С2Е! For big size granite tiles. Super-strength bonding to the surface, to use with underfloor heating, for complex bases and operating conditions, resistant to frost25340,00374,0048
 - / - / -115,00 127,00 
IVSIL GRANIT for natural and artificial stone, heavy and large format tiles & granite, for internal and external works25375,00413,0048
IVSIL AQUA for swimming pools and showers, for internal and external works, for ceramic tiles and granite, resistant to frost25400,00448,0048
IVSIL MOSAIK white glue for mosaic tiles for exterior and interior work25535,00599,0048
IVSIL TERMIX for furnaces and fireplaces, for exterior and interior, for ceramic tiles & granite, for use with underfloor heating also25410,00459,0048
Repairing plasters and renders
IVSIL RUST gypsum-based plaster, coating thickness from 5 to 30mm for internal walls, for manual application only30305,00326,0040
IVSIL RUST-M gypsum plaster, coating thickness from 5 to 30mm for internal walls, only for mechanized application30305,00


IVSIL GROSS cement-based, for rendering thickness from 10 to 40mm, pre-leveling of walls, for facade and interior work, for manual and mechanized application25195,00213,0048
IVSIL THINER  low consumption cement-based thin render, coating thickness from 5 to 20mm, also for the final smoothing of walls. For external and internal works25215,00241,0048

IVSIL TEXTURA stone effect  Textured rendering, for indoors & primarily outdoors, white-colour 

25 365,00 409,00 48 

IVSIL TEXTURA groove lines  Textured rendering, for indoors & primarily outdoors, white-colour 

25 365,00 409,00 48 

IVSIL TERMOSIL heat and sound insulating mortar, for indoors & outdoors 

25 790,00 845,00 40 

                                                                                                                          Self-leveling compounds and floor screeds

IVSIL TERMOLITE heat and sound insulating floor screed for leveling the surface, thickness of 30-300mm12540,00 594,0040
IVSIL TIE-ROD-I floor screed with self-leveling properties, for fundamental leveling the surface, thickness from 10 to 80mm25190,00209,0048
IVSIL EXPRESS BASIS (line of materials "QUICK REPAIRS"floor screed with self-leveling properties for hiper-fast leveling the surface (walking on the floor in 3 hours, tiling in 10 hours) thickness from 30 to 80mm, for use with underfloor heating also25235,00259,0048
IVSIL TIE-ROD-II thin self-leveling floor for the final floor leveling, layer thickness 1-10mm, for use with underfloor heating

IVSIL EXPRESS FINISH (line of materials "QUICK REPAIRS") self-leveling floor for hiper-fast final floor leveling (walking on the floor in 3 hours, tiling in 10 hours), layer thickness 2-10mm, for use with underfloor heating also25465,00512,0048
IVSIL TIE-ROD-III universal self-leveling floor for fast fundamental and final floor leveling (walking on the floor in 4-6 hours), layer thickness 2-100mm, for manual and mechanized works, for use with underfloor heating also20295,00325,0048

Other adhesives

IVSIL BLOCK thin layer adhesive for laying a foam- and aerated concrete blocks and other insulating blocks25200,00218,0048
IVSIL PLAST gypsum-based adhesive for drywall (plasterboard), for internal works30285,00319,0040
IVSIL Termofix-M cement-based adhesive for mineral wool boards, also to create a reinforcing protective layer for outdoor works25380,00426,0048
IVSIL TERMOFIX-P adhesive for polystyrene, to create a reinforcing protective layer also, for outdoor works25360,00403,0048

Finishing plasters

IVSIL FASADNAYA cement-based plaster for finishing of mineral-based walls and fasades. For interior and facade work, thickness of the coating 0,5 - 8mm20335,00369,0048
IVSIL BAZOVAYA cement plaster for finish leveling of all-types mineral-based walls and ceilings, thickness of the coating 0,5 - 8mm. For interior works with normal and high humidity condition20255,00286,0048
IVSIL FINISHNAYA white thin gypsum finish for interiors, joint filler, also for sealing of drywall joints, thickness of the coating 0,3 - 5mm15225,00250,0048
IVSIL GREENTEX dry polymer coating, for finishing walls and ceilings in dry interior areas, the thickness of the coating 0,3 - 3mm20430,00473,0048
 - / - / -130,00 146,00 
                                                                                                            Waterproofing and repair dry mixes    
IVSIL VODOSTOP сoating for waterproofing a floors, walls and foundations of buildings, for exterior and interior applications20540,00 594,0048
 - / - / -165,00 185,00 4 in box
IVSIL GIDROPLOMBA waterproofing compound for the elimination of accidental leakage of water with the hyper-fast-curing periods (3 minutes)1160,00 179,00 12 in box
IVSIL RENDER universal repair dry mix for exterior and interior applications, high-solid and stong. Also used as high-strenght industrial screed20380,00 426,00 48 
 - / - / -120,00 134,004 in box


IVSIL OSNOVA primer for interior works10265,00289,00 
IVSIL BAZOVAYA universal primer for exterior and interior applications10280,00305,00 
IVSIL TIE-ROD primer to preparing the base before the self-leveling floors, screeds10315,00353,00 

IVSIL GLUBOKOGO PRONIKNOVENIYA deep penetration primer for weak and unconsolidated basis  

10 370,00 399,00  
IVSIL BASIS-BETON grout to improve the adhesion to the solid, smooth, not absorbent base (concrete, tile, paint)6420,00470,00 
Other materials
IVSIL FUGA white water- and frost resistant tile grout, elastic, with a glossy shine5190,00205,003 in box
2115,00130,009 in box
IVSIL MOROZOSTOP anti-frost additive allows to work with cement mixtures at subzero temperatures10495,00554,00 
IVSIL ALEBASTR unmodified plaster, to seal joints, cracks, potholes, making plaster solutions30260,00 -30/35/40

Unmodified dry mix

M-150 dry mortar with strength of M-150. Three types of mixes: universal, plastering, masonry




M-200 dry mortar sand concrete with the additive for concreting floors, stairs, installation of foundations, treatment of joints and seams, anchoring elements, installation of concrete structures




*All prices including VAT.

In the price listed basic and the recommended retail prices at the dry mix IVSIL, operating at the moment. For information about possible discounts for regular customers and large wholesale purchases, please contact the Sales Department IVSIL. The communications and telephone numbers you can find in the Contacts.

Characteristics listed in the price list are brief summaries of product. Full version of the description and technical characteristics of the product please see in the pages devoted to each of the products.

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