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   The Company trades under the name of IVSIL since 1997 and offers a wide range of products and technologies which are able to meet the highest levels of requirements and demands of construction industry. Among our offers one can find not only traditional mixes but a lot of innovative, unique products.

   We apply our knowledge, experience, expertise and our passion to this business in order to manufacture the best products, which will be convenient, practical, useful and reliable in your construction and repair jobs.

20 may 2010
IVSIL company is making its range of dry construction mixes even wider – New white gypsum plaster IVSIL SPARK for manual application is available now.
29 mar 2010
MosBuild, one of the largest in Europe and the largest exhibition in Russia, opens the building season of 2010
2 mar 2010
IVSIL Company launches the new product in the series TEXTURE - decorative plaster SHUBA (coat).
13 jul 2009
We Invite the employee of the companies partner "IVSIL" participate in action "to Caught the fish !". Participate and get the GREATER FISHING!

   Dry mix products are used at every stage of construction or repair process. Mixes for levelling floors, walls and ceilings, floor screeds, self-levelling floors, plasters, putties, primers, grouts, different types of adhesives, glues, repair mixes, mortar and assembling mixes are essential modern construction materials designed for construction, decoration and repair work.

   To discuss the most important issues about our products we need to define the term «Dry Mix» first. Dry mix mortar (DMM) is a very general term, which refers to construction materials of a very wide range with one thing in common – all these construction and decorative products are powders, they are literally «dry mixes» of various components, which produce designed effect only after being dissolved with water. How does it work? A set of components for a modified dry construction mixture is created in order to meet requirements and fulfil specific tasks which occur at different stages of construction work. Interaction between all components and water results in achieving desirable effects and contributes to specific final characteristics of every product.   

   Now we need to go into more details regarding other terms in order to avoid misunderstanding. Any recipe of a modern dry mix includes the following:

   - Bonding components, sometimes called «mineral bonds» – components which provide molecular ties between particles. They are responsible for making a bond between particles of the mix itself, a bond between the surface of the basis and (in case of tile adhesives and assembling glues) the surface of the decorative material. The most commonly used bonding components of DMM are gypsum and cement.  These mineral construction materials can produce effect only when interacting with water. Their proportion, properties and quality characteristics are of main importance for levelling floors, plasters and tile adhesives. Strength, type, colour and quality of bonding components determine most of the main characteristics of the final product, but not all of them. Other components ensure the necessary qualities of the product, which are required for specific purposes. As for so called polymer mixes, such as polymer plasters, putties, flooring materials do not contain gypsum and cement, or contain very little of it. Molecular connection in this case is provided by special polymer components, which are included into mixes in big quantities;

   - Fillers. The term speaks for itself. These components fill in between bonding particles. They are responsible for such characteristics of dry mix as strength, elasticity, volume, output, weight, thermo- and soundproofing characteristics. Most commonly used fillers are: quartz sand of different fraction size, gypsum flour, different types of mineral fibres, which strengthen ties of mix compounds; marble and its derivatives: marble powder and marble aggregates. Thermo insulation characteristics and lightness of mixes are obtained with the help of such fillers as pearlite, vermiculite, foamglass. Sometimes dolomites or granulated foam polystyrol fillers are used, but they are very much obsolete and old fashioned. Usually a combination of different fillers, which complement each other’s characteristics, is used in a mix;  

   - Modifying additives. This is the most complicated and expensive group of components. They are responsible for the most important and specific properties of the product. Complex modern dry mixes normally consist of bonding components, fillers and from 3 to 15 different combinations of modifying additives, each one of them provide specific quality characteristics. For example, modifying components enable a mix to retain water for a required period of time, for simultaneous even drying of the applied mixture, for drying without cracks, for ability to reinforce or to loosen connections between certain components of the mix, for temperature tolerance of the mix, for thickness of application and many other characteristics: elasticity, lightness, convenient use and many others. Due to their cost, modifying additives play an important role in the price formation of a final product as well.

   Now a few words about different types of dry mixes and their peculiarities. First of all, they differ according to their specific area of application and specific purpose of each product. Apart from levelling of walls, floors, ceilings, brickwork, masonry, sealing of joints and cracks, adhesion, installation, repair of different types of materials, dry mixes are used for thermo insulation of walls, floors, building façade,  soundproofing of floors, walls and ceilings of apartments and fine finishing of decorative surfaces. In every group of DMM, whether it is a mix for floor or wall levelling, adhesives for decorative and thermo insulation materials, there are variations and more detailed differences between the products’ contents.

   Such characteristics as colour, grade, fraction composition of fillers, elasticity, adhesion to the basis, thickness of application layers, consumption and many other properties form the main characteristics of each product and material. You can learn more about main differences and characteristics of IVSIL products on specific pages referring to each group of products. More detailed information is available at pages devoted to every specific IVSIL dry mix. 

   Apart from being divided into groups of gypsum, cement and polymer based, dry mixes can also be divided into the following big groups: heat resistant, waterproof, frost resistant, humidity resistant, DMM for interior and exterior use, multipurpose mixes for both interior and exterior use. In this case dry mixes are classified not according to the bond component but according to one of the characteristics, specific purpose or area of application. For example, there are dry mixes for construction of swimming pools, stoves, fireplaces, installation of heated floors, dry mixes for premises with normal or high humidity conditions, dry mixes for interior use or construction jobs out of doors, designed for outside walls and buildings façade.

   Talking about application methods we must point out that there are two of them, therefore all materials are also divided into two big categories: dry mixes for manual application and dry mixes for machine application. Machine application is mostly used when big areas are involved. Different types of machines are used to dissolve mixes in water, to stir them and apply to the surface. Machine method of application speeds up the process and is cost effective as it reduces the amount of manual labour. Usually machine applied dry mixes are finished off manually. Manual technologies of application are various and differ for different types of dry mixes: spraying, pouring, covering, installation, plastering, etc. Each type of work requires use of specific tools: plasterers and notched trowels, floats, rollers, etc. Most of these names are familiar to many people. To learn more about tools and techniques of application, please visit individual pages of different products. We hope that our demonstration videos will be also useful and of much help. 

   Why DMM are called convenient materials for «dry construction»? Mainly because the idea is to make it possible and convenient even for a beginner to fulfil construction or repair jobs at home in his apartment or house, and to guarantee that it is equally convenient for experienced professionals to work with our materials. And it is really easy – all you need is to dissolve the content of a dry mix package in water, to obtain necessary tools and to read an instruction. Unlike old traditional obsolete non-modified materials, modern modified materials have the following benefits: minimum time for mixture preparation, in most cases rapid setting and drying of the surface, easy transportation and delivery, various options of packaging, specific, detailed characteristics of mixes, clear and understandable division of application purposes for each product. Modified mixes do not require any extra additives, components, bonding compounds. They are easy to dissolve and mix and easy to apply. Plus we guarantee top level service for our clients and are always ready to help. It means that with a little bit of practise you will soon find out that many construction and decoration jobs are not so difficult and complicated.

   Why IVSIL dry mixes are reliable? Quality and reliability of IVSIL products is guaranteed by modern highly technological facilities of our factory, fully automated processes of manufacturing, best quality equipment, proper quality control at each stage of production and highly professional attitude to the whole process: from logistics to production. No doubt that many years of experience of our specialists play an important role as well. Besides, to put it in plain words, we have conscience. Though there are no exact norms, standards and regulations of manufacturing in our industry field at the current moment, we value our reputation and know what the word responsibility means. We are proud to say that our products are of good quality. And good quality dry mixes guarantee proper basis of construction and repair jobs as they provide good results due to the following characteristics: they are capable of retaining water for the necessary period of time, which assures that the surface does not dry before due time and there are no cracks or exfoliation. Our dry mixes have necessary adhesion levels (ability to stick) and do not fall off the surface. Our products are compatible with modern methods and technologies of heating, insulation, conditioning and ventilation of houses. Ivsil dry mixes are multipurpose and compatible with other decorative materials, paints and vanishes, they are safe to use. They are designed to be frost resistant, water proof and heat resistant. We provide dry mixes which guarantee solid smooth layer of construction or decorative material for many years.

   We can continue to discuss benefits, classifications, ratings, types, categories of dry mixes, including IVSIL dry mixes, for a long time. All we want to do, before to introduce our specific products and to give information about our company, is to indicate wide ranges of possibilities and benefits of these materials. And it is up to you which products to choose. We can only add one thing: the amount of products manufactured by IVSIL, the number of dry mix types and options, the range of our products is one of the best and most extensive in Russia.

   To get a better idea about wide range of construction dry mixes we invite you for a virtual tour around our site. The same way as we try to make sure that working with our products is easy and convenient, we made our best to ensure that this virtual tour is comfortable and convenient. Here you will find complete information about IVSIL products: equipment, tools, technologies, manufacturing, location of the factory, price lists, instructions and description of work with dry mixes, news, videos in every group of products, useful tips and advice, electronic certificates for our products, complete information regarding the most important issues. For fast and effective search of dry mixes, which meet your requirements, you can use «To calculate necessary quantity of production» option at the top of the main page. You will find this option in every product group section. We will be glad to meet you at our regular master class training course of technology and use of IVSIL dry mixes. Please visit «Training» section to get information regarding next seminar and to apply for participation.

   To find Where to buy dry mixes IVSIL (whole sale amounts) in Russia, please visit the appropriate section of the site (available only in Russian). To get information about IVSIL products dealers in Moscow, please click here (sorry, also available only in Russian). The section Price List (in English) will give information about today’s prices of all IVSIL dry mixes, including delivery within Moscow area. If you have not found information you are interested in, please contact us by any convenient way. In the section Contacts you will find different options of contacting us, from traditional telephone numbers, e-mail addresses to modern free calls and messages via Skype. We will be glad to receive your questions, comments and opinions, which you can express at company’s Forum (sorry, supported only in Russian), by calling our technical support service 007(495)363-73-40, by e-mail at or by instantly sending your message to any of our member of staff at any department, from department of sales to the company’s management, right now via Contacts page. You can get to any product page of more than 50 types of IVSIL dry mixes directly from the bottom of the main page, from the price list page or via product groups pages. Here you can find the following: 

   Section tile adhesives offers 10 types of adhesives, one of the best lines of decorative materials on the Russian market. Adhesives suitable for ceramic, ceramic-granite tiles and natural stone, dry mixes used for standard budget solutions and super strong adhesive mixes, adhesives for heavy big size stones, multipurpose mixes, rapid hardening mixes for different conditions and purposes.    

   Section flooring will introduce you to the most popular in Russian line of products TIE-ROD for levelling of floors, unique series of products called «Fast repair» (complete cycle of work, including covering jobs for only 15-17 hours). Wide range of technical solutions for floor levelling: from inexpensive levelling mix with very attractive affordable price to thermo insulation levelling mix, which has no analogues on the Russian construction market.

   Section plasters provides information regarding traditional gypsum and cement plaster mixes, plasters of winter series of IVSIL dry mixes, which allow to work at temperatures below zero, popular plasters with so called «Fur coat» and «Bark Beetle» decorative textural effect, thermo insulation mix Termosil, mixes for manual and machine application.

   Section waterproofing gives you information regarding repair materials and waterproof insulation of floor, walls, basements, waterproofing of bathrooms and swimming pools. Here you can also find an excellent super strong mix Render and rapidly acting Hydroplomba mix for quick fixing of leaks.

  Section putties will present complete information referring finishing putties for walls and ceilings, materials for thin application to building façade. There you can find different types of finishing gypsum, cement and polymer putties.

    All those mentioned above and other cement and gypsum IVSIL mixes for construction, decoration and repair jobs:

   -  tile grouts – to seal joints between ceramic, ceramic-granite and mosaic tiles; 

   - sand-cement and sand-concrete – plain sand-cement, cement and concrete mixes M-150 and M-200, RF Standard 28013-98: assembling, multipurpose, plaster and mortar mixes for general construction jobs;  

   - assembling adhesives- adhesive mixes for installation of insulation, foam polystyrene, mineral wool, plasterboards and thin economic adhesive for foam concrete;

   - coloured mortar mixes – for coloured brickwork with face and clinker bricks.

   - winter frost resistant additives – mixes, which allow to work with cement mixtures at subzero temperature conditions; 

   - primers for walls and floor, bonding, concentrated and antibacterial, primers, which treat surfaces prior to further application of dry mixes and many many more – all for you! With our kindest regard!

Main areas of use of dry mortars for construction and repair work.

Adhesives for tiles:tile adhesives, glue for tiles, tiling jobs, for ceramic-granite, natural and artificial stone

IVSIL FIX is economic and inexpensive adhesive. It is designed for interior ceramic tiling in wet and dry areas, it has high output.

IVSIL START  is multipurpose frost resistant adhesive for floor and wall tiling with ceramic and mosaic tiles. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

IVSIL MAXI PLUS is suitable for thick-layered use of standard ceramic-granite tiling of exterior and interior purpose.

Professional IVSIL CLASSIC is used for any type of ceramic tiling internal and external jobs. It is also suitable for interior ceramic-granite tiling. In EU it is certified according to the standard EN 12004. «Winter» version of CLASSIC is also available.

IVSIL PROFIT can be used for ceramic-granite tiles including big-sized tiles, as well as for any ceramic and mosaic tiles and middle size natural stone. Certified as EN 12004 in EU.

IVSIL GRANIT for natural and artificial stone can be used for big size heavy ceramic-granite, decorative slabs made of natural and artificial stone, marble and granite. It is suitable for tiling over tile and can be laid over an old layer of tiles.

IVSIL MOSAIC - white, waterproof, frost resistant adhesive, which can be used for mosaic tiling of all types, including marble and ceramic-granite. It is suitable for «tile-over-tile» technique.

Tiling of swimming pools, fountains and other water reservoirs can be done by using IVSIL AQUA. It is designed for exterior and interior environment.

Tiling of fireplaces and stoves is best done with IVSIL TERMIX. It is highly resistant towards variations of temperatures and can stand the range from -30ºC to +250ºC.

IVSIL EXPRESS+ is one of the «Quick repair» series adhesives. It will allow you to tile your bathroom and to make cosmetic repairs in the house within the shortest timescale (grouting in 3 hours only!)
Mixes for plastering and wall levelling:repairing plasters, wall plastering and rendering

Grey gypsum plaster mix IVSIL RUST for manual application and interior plastering jobs in normal humidity conditions.   

Gypsum repairing plaster IVSIL RUST-M suitable for machine application to walls and ceilings. Can be used for any type of plastering machines.

New product! (Available since 15 of February 2010). White gypsum IVSIL SPARK for manual application to walls and ceilings in medium humidity conditions.

Highly durable cement based IVSIL GROSS for interior and exterior walls and socle plastering. Applicable manually and by machines.

Fine cement-lime based mix IVSIL THINER is suitable for exterior and interior rendering, including high humidity level conditions (bathrooms, shower rooms, basements, etc.). Applied manually or by a machine. Light and economical (11-12 kg per 1 m at layer thickness of 1cm).

Cement and foamglas-based IVSIL TERMOSIL for levelling of walls, thermo-insulation and sound proofing. It is light and does not increase load on the walls. Due to foam-glass additive is non-flammable and non-toxic. 

IVSIL TEXTURA Groove Lines («Bark beetle» style) is a decorative plaster mix, which creates a decorative «bark beetle», rustic surface effect, ready for painting. Suitable for interior and exterior use and provides exterior thermo insulation of walls.     

IVSIL TEXTURA Stone Effect («Fur coat» style) for decorative plastering with «Fur coat» rough texture effect. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and provides thermo insulation of facades.

Mixes for floor setting and levelling: Flooring: levelling, setting, screed

Strong mix IVSIL TIE-ROD-I is suitable for the main levelling. It is also used for under floor heating installation.  Thickness of layer can be up to 80mm.

Self-levelling floor mix IVSIL TIE-ROD-II  is designed for final levelling preparations, which may be required for different types of further decorative flooring. Suitable for exterior and interior use, including under floor heating installation, layer thickness up to 10mm.  

Multipurpose IVSIL TIE-ROD-III is suitable for main and final levelling of floors in normal humidity conditions. Thickness of applied layer from 2 to 100 mm. This adhesive hardens fast – 4 to 6 hours and provides fast grab with strong final bond.

Rapid hardening IVSIL EXPRESS-BASIS is suitable for the main basis levelling. It can guarantee fast strong bond and enables you to do flooring in a very short period of time. Time of hardening is only 3 hours and you can start tiling in 10 hours. 

Rapid hardening finish-off levelling mix IVSIL EXPRESS-FINISH, is designed for final levelling required for decorative flooring. It provides the possibility to do flooring jobs within the shortest period. Hardening time – 3 hours, tiling – after 10 hours from application.  

Thermo-insulation light floor mix IVSIL TERMOLITE for thin-layer levelling and insulation. It is extra light and is recommended for cases when decreasing of load on the floor is required.

Finishing plasters: finishing of walls and ceilings

White cement IVSIL FASADNAYA (FACADE) for final finishing prior to painting or wallpaper adhesion. For interior and exterior use.     

Economical, white cement based IVSIL BAZOVAYA (BASE) for finishing walls and ceilings before painting or covering with wallpaper or any other wall decoration material. Suitable for interior use, including high humidity conditions.

White gypsum IVSIL FINISHNAYA (FINISH) for fine finishing of walls and ceilings. For interiors including sealing joints of plasterboards.

White polymer IVSIL GREENTEX for fine finishing and smoothing of surfaces prior to painting or covering with wallpaper in normal humidity conditions.

Prime coating, surface preparation, additives for concrete: primers, prime coats for walls, floor, ceiling, preparation of surfaces before application of adhesive mixtures, ready made additives for mixtures.

IVSIL OSNOVA for interior use. This water based polymer suspension is suitable for all types of surfaces and has antibacterial additives. This primer is waterproof, dustproof and guarantees economical use of materials. 

IVSIL BAZOVAYA BASE for exterior jobs is suitable for surface prime treatment, which ensures better adhesion of different further coats (painting, plastering, tilling). This mix contains antibacterial additives and guarantees economical use of further coating materials.    

IVSIL TIE-ROD for prime coating of floors prior to application of covering or levelling compounds. This primer prevents the floor surface from excessive absorption of water. It is an excellent bonding agent, dustproof and waterproof.

IVSIL DEEP PENETRATION acrylic based primer for treatment of friable surfaces with high absorption level. It is suitable for prime coating under any other construction compounds and prior to further application of water-dispersion acrylic paints. 

Bonding IVSIL BASIS-BETON for prime coating of solid low-absorption surfaces of basis (concrete monolith, tiles, painted surface). This mixture improves contact bond with plaster or tiling adhesives. By creating a rough uneven layer it helps to provide a better bond with a basis’ surface (concrete contact principle).

Frost resistant additive to concrete and cement mixtures IVSIL MOROZOSTOP. This mixture is very economical and guarantees setting of cement based mixtures at the temperatures as low as -15ºC.

Assembling adhesives: installation, assembling of constructions, boards and blocks installation.
Adhesive for plasterboards IVSIL PLAST is suitable for adhesion of boards without any mechanical fixtures. It is also suitable for sealing of boards joints without reinforced adhesive tape. Interior jobs only. Adhesive for lightweight foam-concrete blocks IVSIL BLOCK for brickwork with blocks made of light porous concrete. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Provides thin economical layer and guarantees absence of «frost bridges».
Adhesives for wall insulation, glues for thermo-insulation materials: house insulation, wall insulation, installation of insulation materials
IVSIL TERMOFIX-M for adhesion of mineral wool, basalt wool and thermo-insulation boards. It can also be used to create a protection layer reinforced with glass-mesh and designed for exterior insulation of buildings.

IVSIL TERMOFIX-Р for adhesion of extruded or expanded polystyrene/foam plastic forms to various surfaces for the purpose of interior and exterior insulation of constructions.

Coloured masonry mixes: wall and partitioning brickwork, decorative brickwork.
Coloured mortar mixture IVSIL SEAMER is suitable for brickwork with coloured, decorative, ceramic, silicate and clinker bricks. The mixture is available in five colours: white, ivory, terracotta, graphite and brown.
Mixes for grouts: grouting of joints, sealing of ceramic tiles joints, ceramic-granite tiles, etc.
White tile grout with high resistance against pollution IVSIL FUGA is suitable for interior and exterior wall and floor tiling.
Waterproofing mixes: waterproofing of bathrooms, basements and swimming pools, dump course for foundations. Floor, wall and roof wet seal.
Waterproofing adhesive IVSIL VODOSTOP is used for creating a thin layered waterproof cover. Suitable for interior and exterior use, including waterproofing of swimming pools (not more than 5 m deep). Fast setting waterproof mix IVSIL GIDROPLOMBA is suitable for repair jobs. It allows to quickly fix water leaks and to stop water leakage through cracks and cavities in concrete, cement and brickwork. Extremely fast blockage of a leak (1minute) and extremely rapid hardening (3 minutes).
Repair mixes: reconstruction, repair of monolith and carrier constructions, reconstruction of chips and grooves.
IVSIL RENDER is designed for repair of concrete, reinforced carrier constructions, curbs, staircases, repair of surfaces. Super strong repair composition (Firmness level M-500) is rapidly hardening composition for arranging concrete moulds, making foundation for equipment, repair of concrete covers of mechanical workshops, for making industrial floors (as a highly solid cover).
Dry cement-sand mixtures, sand-concrete mixes: plastering, brickwork of walls, partitions and other small constructions, plain screed
Dry sand-cement mixture IVSIL М-200 for concrete pouring of floors, steps, foundations, anchoring and fixing of metal elements, repair of concrete walls and monolith. Can be also used to bond parts of reinforced constructions. Dry mix IVSIL М-150: 3 types: multipurpose, plastering, brickwork. Suitable for plastering, wall and partitions brickwork, plain floor screed.


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