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The automated manufacture

Technology and the equipment of a factory meet all requirements shown today to the enterprises-manufacturers of high-quality mixes. All production IVSIL is issued at a modern factory with classical vertical configuration of the equipment, a line of drying and classification of sand, with twelve silos for warehousing mineral knitting and inert fillers. The factory is completely automated and equipped by a computer control system production managements. Batching of all components is carried out to within 0,01 It is known, that quality of a dry building mix essentially depends on quality of mixture of components. The original design of the amalgamator established on our manufacture, allows to receive a homogeneous mix for some seconds of hashing.

Own Chemical-technological laboratory

Our company co-operates with the best domestic and foreign suppliers of raw materials and initial materials. Among them are such known chemical concerns as Wacker, Bayer, Rhodia, Akzo Nobel, Elotex, etc. All raw materials arriving on a mill pass an obligatory quality control in own chemical-technological laboratory of the company.

The special research group consisting of highly skilled technologists and lab technicians carries out developments, approbation and trial of new compounding of building mixes. Thus all mixes IVSIL pass a multistage quality control in our industrial laboratory: from a quality control of initial raw materials, before obligatory testing of all finished production.


The company pays huge attention to such components of qualitative service, as warehouse and transport logistics. Thanks to presence of own motor-vehicle pool, delivery of production to the customer is a part of responsibility of the company.

We deliver your order in any point of Moscow and within 5 km from MKAD (Moscow circle road) absolutely free of charge, operatively and punctually. All production IVSIL is delivered on the euro pallets densely packed into a stretch-film.

We also carry out delivery of our production in any point of Russia by rail in the shortest terms and the minimum prices, thanks to long-term cooperation with departments of stations of Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation.

The assortment of production let out today is intended for the whole spectrum building-finishing work and includes:

  • adhesive mixes of various compounds;
  • plaster mixes on a cement and plaster basis;
  • grouts for various sorts of refinishing and repair;
  • self leveling floors;
  • priming structures;
  • a finish;
  • sand concrete mixes -150 and -200.
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