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ExpressЦseries of rapidly hardening dry mixes IVSIL. Now it is possible to do a fast floor repair in an apartment, house or office in a non-stop mode within one day or at least within 15-17 hours.

   IVSIL «Fast repair» materials are designed for urgent repair jobs with limited time frame.

   One of the most important criterions of construction and decorative jobs is the balance of high quality and construction / repair timeframe. It is well known that the most time-consuming jobs are floor-levelling and treatment of walls. Sometimes one has to wait for days and weeks for the materials to properly settle and achieve their best qualities before to apply further finishing-off covering or decorative materials.

   The most critical and time-consuming zone of construction jobs is flooring. Because until flooring jobs are fulfilled any further jobs on walls or ceiling can not be performed in principle. Construction materials from «Fast repair» series are designed to successfully do any type of the job, from floor levelling to wall tilling.

   What is the peculiarity of the series «Fast repair»? Rapidly hardening floor levelling mixes are not already a novelty on the construction materials market these days. For example, IVSIL TIE-ROD-III guarantees that one can walk over the floor in 4-6 hours. But this is not always enough! Materials for fast repair resolve the problems of not only speeding up the process of levelling the floor (they make it possible to walk over the floor in 3 hours) or wall tilling, but also to deal with the whole complex of repair jobs together.

   The materials of «Fast repair» series are designed to fulfil the following tasks – complete flooring cycle, including preparation of the basis, application of primer, pouring of levelling mixture, floor tilling and tile grouting, all of it as quick as within 15-17 hours only.

   The new series includes three types of dry mixes: IVSIL Express-Finish floor levelling mix, IVSIL Express-Basis floor levelling mix and tiling adhesive IVSIL Express+, all of them guarantee that after 3 hours the surfaces are completely ready.

   That means that within 3 hours the necessary level of hardness is achieved. All rapidly hardening materials are characterised by a high level of compression resistance, exceptionally high level of adhesion to basis, long lasting effect and can be used both for interior jobs in accommodation premises or offices with high walking load and for exterior jobs as well.

   Materials of series «Fast repair» are multi-compound, complex products, which contain special high quality cements, fractioned sand, mineral fillers, polymer additives and the most modern chemical additives and components. Series «Fast repair» products are designed for use of professional builders who fulfil decorative jobs in accommodation, commercial and office buildings; these materials are also suitable for DIY repair and decoration jobs. They are ideal for fast jobs in small and medium size premises and they will make it possible to fully use the floor the next day.

   What is also important is that dry mixes of series «Fast repair» can be used with heated floors systems (floors with electrical and water heating systems).

   Summary characteristics of these materials are as follows:

   Rapidly hardening floor levelling mix IVSIL Express-Basis

   - It is used for the main levelling of sand-cement concrete basis with the thickness of 10-100mm;

   - it is suitable for application over hard basis – concrete and sand-cement screed for interior and exterior jobs;

   - it can be used as a repair mixture for filling in cracks and deep uneven patches (depth up to 100 mm);

   - it is possible to walk over the floor and to apply finishing levelling in 3 hours after application of repair mix;

   - in 10-12 hours it is possible to start tilling job with fast drying adhesive IVSIL express-series.

   Fast hardening IVSIL Express-Finish floor levelling mix:

   - it is suitable for finishing levelling of floor surfaces and creating of smooth horizontal basis with the thickness of 2-10mm;

   - it is used over solid basis like screed and floor sand-cement levelling mixtures and concretes for interior and exterior jobs;

   - after settling, it forms an ideally smooth surface and it allows to walk over the floor in 3 hours after application;

   - to minimise time for floor repair it is recommended to use this mix with a fast hardening floor levelling mix of IVSIL express-series for finishing off the surface prior to further application of soft and thin floor covering: linoleum, carpetlin.

   - In 10-12 hours it is possible to start tiling job with fast settling tile adhesive of IVSIL Express-series.

   IVSIL Express+ tiling adhesive, fast hardening adhesive for tiles and ceramic-granite:

   - it is designed for walls and floors with ceramic, mosaic tiles, ceramic-granite and tiles made of natural and artificial stone;

   - it is used for the «heated floors» systems;

   - it has a very strong fixing power, which allows to do tilling from «top to bottom»;

   - in 3 hours after tiling is done, it is possible to walk over the floor and to do tile grouting;

   - it is recommended to use this mix in combination with fast hardening floor levelling mix or IVSIL self-levelling mix in order to minimise the time of concluding the job.

   All materials of express-series «Fast repair» are properly certified, they comply with standards of the State Department of Standards and Control and they have been voluntary certified by Rostest system SDSC-R.

   To see the prices of fast hardening floor mixes, floor levelling and tile adhesives from «Fast repair» series, please visit the section «Price list». To know more about technological issues, tools, consumption and to get other information, please visit individual pages of each product of IVSIL fast repair series.

   We wish your repair jobs to be fast and easy with IVSIL materials!
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