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Company IVSIL cuts through a window to Europe! Tile glues from Russia have recived the official certificate of conformity to the European standards of quality EN 12004

The first time in history the dry mortars made by the Russian company, have received the official international certificate of conformity to the European standards of quality EN 12004 in one of the certified centers in the western Europe.

Trials for conformity to size standards EN 12004 (standards of the European Union for glutinous materials) with success have passed tiled adhesive IVSIL CLASSIC and IVSIL PROFIT under the new, optimized formulas.

EN 12004 it was developed with Euro commission participation as the uniform standard for adhesive structures and it is recognized in all European Union countries. The confirmed size standards establish the basic requirements to dry mixes for packing of a ceramic tile and ceramic granite, and as well define the basic technical characteristics of materials. The purpose of the uniform standard — to guarantee to the consumer that qualitative level of a product on which he has the right to count, taking into account the extremely strict requirements to a material and application conditions.

  • IVSIL CLASSIC corresponds to class 1 — adhesive with high firmness to slipping. Ideally approaches for coarse tiles and standard ceramic granite;
  • IVSIL PROFIT corresponds to class 2 — adhesive with the improved properties (adhesive durability not less than 1 MPa and increased open time). Ideally approaches for a natural stone of an average format and ceramic granite a standard, average and large format.

Both products possess now increased time of viability of a solution (not less than 6 hours), that allows to stack a tile and ceramic granite on the big areas without frequent mixing a new lot of a solution.

Such parametre also was exposed to trials for conformity to size standards, as adhesive durability of glue (an adhesive strength with the base) is the basic indicator defining quality of adhesive structures. Thus adhesion of glues is checked, both in a standard consolidating conditions, and in extreme — adhesion after 25 cycles «congealing — thawing» (at both products — not less than 50), after heating of adhesive with a gummed tile to 70 º, after its immersing in water.

What does it mean for the consumer? Firstly, it is a warranty of stably high level of adhesive structures of IVSIL. What size standards regulate quality in the Russian market today? New domestic standards still are only just developed, but already today it is clear, that, most likely, they will not be so detailed and rigid, as European as for many manufacturers conformity to these criteria will mean rise in price of compounding and transition in other price category so — loss of a certain share of the market. Operating GOST standards have hopelessly become outdated. By the way, in existing standard documents in general there is no mention of such material, as ceramic granite. All Russian manufacturers establish Technical Conditions (specifications) for let out dry mixes.

De facto, the supervisory control of technical characteristics of production and their conformity to the size standards accepted in all civilised world lays only on conscience of the manufacturer. In a similar situation, the word «quality» gets mass of subjective shades. Frequently the buyer gets simply «adhesive in a bag» which technical characteristics do not maintain any criticism. Application of such materials at packing of a ceramic tile and especially (!!!) ceramic granite breaks correct technology of works that guides to the most pitiable results. The most evident result — a ceramic tile falls off in some days after adhesion. At least, the degree of quality of the bought product can be estimated at once. It is less pleasant, when a finishing work is handed over and only through any time, the slab starts to «walk» underfoot, in the «art» disorder the mosaic in water area starts to fall off, after the first winter expensive ceramic granitey is showered from a facade. Practically each skilled builder faced similar examples.

Let's try to understand, why seeming insignificant to a component part are so important for work, for example, with ceramic granite.

Itself ceramic granite — the modern material which has come instead of a ceramic tile and a natural stone. Thanks to unique physic mechanical properties, the excellent aesthetic qualities giving infinite possibilities for selection of color scores and a wide spectrum of various formats — the range of application of ceramic granite practically is not limited.

In practice the greatest efficiency from use ceramic granite is shown in places where the raised operational loading is required: shopping centers, aero-and rail stations, the underground, warehouses and an industrial premises, office premises, etc.

Simultaneously, ceramic granite demands to itself the most steadfast attention and careful selection of materials for its packing. Why ceramic granite is necessary to apply to packing with specialized adhesive only? We will try to list three principal causes in parallel with characteristics of adhesive structure IVSIL PROFIT:

Firstly, in comparison to a usual ceramic tile, ceramic grannite possesses very low water absorption (about 0%, that like a glass) so — adhesive should possess a good adhesive strength (adhesion) with a tile surface (not less 1MPa).

Secondly, the adhesive mix should be elastic (to possess certain flexibility after the hardening) and, simultaneously, the non-shrinking. It is connected by that ceramic granite — absolutely not bending, fragile (an underside of high hardness) a material. At use ceramic granite in places of the raised pass ability, and in the places having temperature drops (balconies, terraces, warm floors), any base under ceramic granite will test micro oscillations and the glutinous mix, at the expense of the elasticity, should compensate arising pressure between ceramic granite and a facing surface.

Thirdly, in itself ceramic granite — the material very proof to temperature drops also is actively used at exterior works. Thus the risks arising because of wrong selection of a material increase repeatedly. Only the glutinous structures possessing high characteristics on frost resistance are suitable for works of a similar sort (not less than 50 cycles).

Moreover it is possible to say and about amenity in work. As more often ceramic granite is used at facing of the big areas, adhesive should possess increased time of a life of a ready solution and open time. IVSIL PROFIT maintains not less than 30 minutes of open time and within 6 hours after mixing will keep the properties.

Conformity of adhesive structures «IVSIL» to the European standards — the important event and for the whole branch. Actually, for the first time quality of adhesive of the company with 100% Russian capital has been officially confirmed by one of the certified European centers of certification. Besides it is not necessary to forget and about work economy. Distinctive feature for the Russian product is rather low price. Until last moment on EN the European adhesive structures have been certificated only. Today you have a choice possibility — 100% quality for 100% Russian product for the real price.

Be attentive when choosing the materials. Pay attention to sign EN12004 C2. For today in Russia only conformity to these size standards gives a warranty that adhesive one buys, is 100% suitable for packing ceramic granite.

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