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Dry construction mixes IVSIL TERMOLITE and IVSIL TERMOSIL innovative thermo-insulation and soundproofing materials. Facade and floor thermo-insulation.

   Since summer 2008 company «IVSIL Euro Trade» produces a series of dry construction mix for thermo-insulation and sound proofing. Up to now this new series includes plaster mix IVSIL TERMOSIL and screed mix IVSIL TERMOLITE.

   Due to their thermo-insulation and soundproofing characteristics these materials can compete with multilayered, complex materials and thermo-insulation and soundproofing systems, which demand complicated application and maintenance. Plaster mix IVSIL TERMISIL and screed IVSIL TERMOLITE is 3-4 times lighter than standard analogues, it keeps warmth dozens of time better and it dramatically decreases the amount of noise in comparison with traditional construction materials.

   New materials have excellent thermo-insulation characteristics. For example, thermo-conductivity of IVSIL TERMOSIL (0,065W/m*K) close to value to characteristics of mineral wool boards, which allows it to solve the tasks of thermo-insulation of buildings and constructions with regards to interior and exterior jobs. These materials, for example, are ideal for thermo-insulation of exterior walls of corner apartments of old buildings and they can also be used as effective thermo-insulation of ground floors of buildings. Besides, using thermo-insulation materials of IVSIL solves the problem of «frost bridges» formation, which decreases loss of warmth via walls and boards joints of floors. These materials produce so called «thermos» effect, which is keeping warmth inside premises in winter and preserving comfortable coolness in summer time.

   IVSIL TERMOLITE (thermal conductivity - 0,1W/m*K) is recommended for use under «heated floors» systems as it is very good at decreasing warmth loss via the basis. This floor levelling mix is also effective for soundproofing as a better, more solid and quick alternative «floating» screed at thermo-insulation and soundproofing jobs. It is also ideal for thermo-insulation on flat building roofs.

   One of the most important parameters of thermo-insulation materials is inflammable characteristic of the surface. This parameter makes them especially useful in multi-storied construction and other buildings where fire security issues are of big importance. High level of moisture vapour transmission rate and minimum level of moisture absorption make the surface last longer. Solidity characteristics are much higher than those of traditional materials based on foam polystyrene.

   These and other characteristics of thermo-insulation dry mixes IVSIL TERMOLITE and IVSIL TERMOSIL make it easier to eliminate the main problems, connected with building, reconstruction and thermo-insulation of buildings and constructions. These materials are useful when it is necessary to level the surface with minimum loading of weight (old buildings, restoration jobs). Low weight of the mix allows to decrease load on walls and floors. Due to the fact that the mixture can be applied in thick layer, it is suitable for floor levelling in places with big amount of cables, pipe-work and other lines of communication.

   There are plenty of benefits even in the technology of application of these materials. Instead of creation of multi-layered thermo-insulation system, consisting of plasters, fixtures, meshes, etc. new products provide an opportunity of making the job in a simple, easy and cheap way. It is just enough to follow a standard procedure of pouring screed mixture or application of plaster. Both manual and mechanical applications are possible.

   New material acquired most of their thermo-insulation characteristics from the filler component Penostek. It is light, solid, porous, non-flammable filler in the form of granules of foamed glass. This material is considered to be one of the most popular and effective thermo-insulation materials in Europe. Builders, architects and designers have already evaluated and appreciated the benefits of this filler for dry construction mixes and its characteristics.

   «IVSIL Euro Trade» Company has pioneered a new movement on the Russian market of dry construction mixes. As a matter of fact, IVSIL is the first Russian manufacturer to produce new materials based on foam-glass Penostek.

IVSIL Thermo-insulation and sound proofing materials create warmth and quietness of your home!

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