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   We love and we appreciate the Company, we are proud its successes and very much we want, that to us the competent, vigorous, purposeful people interested in stable work, in the professional and personal growth came to work.

   Write, why you wish to work for us, what your educational and career plans for the near future.

   We welcome:

  • 100% interest in business;
  • Desire to work in our collective;
  • Enthusiasm;
  • Skill to feel corporate spirit of our Company, to be the professional, to work for the blessing the company.

From our part, we guarantee:

  • We honor the labor code; therefore, we guarantee to the workers a full social package.
  • The Corporate spirit of the company assumes invariable benevolent and close attitude to colleagues and subordinates, creation of a friendly, creative atmosphere in a command.

   If you believe, that correspond to shown requirements, you can send the resume by fax: 730-26-52 with a mark for «Staff department» or to fill this questionnaire.

Company «IVSIL» invites to work:

  • the Chief accountant

Requirement: wives 30-50 y.o., knowledge of all sites of book keeping, delivery of the reporting, conducting the accounting and tax registers, confident user Word, Excel, 1C.

A place of work: Moscow, m. Ryazansky  prospekt

We guarantee: social package, salary by results of interview

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