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15 aug 2007

«IVSIL» since August, 15th 2007 begins release new product in a ruler of assembly structures — glue for packing of blocks from cellular concrete IVSIL BLOCK.

Since August, 15th 2007y. Begins release new a product in a ruler of assembly structures — glue for packing of blocks from cellular concrete IVSIL BLOCK.

Glutinous mix IVSIL BLOCK (BLOCK) is specially intended for packing exact on the size grooving and blocks and plates from gaze- concrete, foam concrete, polysterol- concrete, silicate and others heat isolating materials.

Along with high indicators of the basic technical characteristics of glutinous structures dry mix BLOCK possesses a number of advantages in comparison with often applied sand cement mixes:

First, thanks to a thin layer of drawing — an optimum thickness кладочного a seam 2 mm — assembly glue possesses the economic expense, i.e. the buyer saves to 50% from cost of a dry mix.

Secondly, one of the important indicators for assembly structure at work with blocks and plates is cold penetration at low temperatures. Glutinous mix IVSIL BLOCK excludes промерзание walls through кладочный a seam and formation of «bridges» of a cold, thanks to possibility to stack blocks and plates with the minimum thickness of a seam in 2мм.

Thirdly, at the expense of application of water-retaining additives assembly adhesive IVSIL BLOCK does not allow blocks from porous concrete quickly to absorb a moisture from a solution. Thereby, long keeping high adhesive ability of the material and convenience in work with it (an open operating time with adhesive is 3-4 times longer than standard unmodified mixes).

The price of a new product, as always, will pleasantly surprise buyers.

Application of adhesive IVSIL BLOCK allows creating accurate and strong walls!

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