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To stack a tile is possible much easier and with economical budget!
6 nov 2007

Since November, 15th 2007 Company «IVSIL» begins output of new adhesive mix IVSIL FIX.

IVSIL FIX — is superficial adhesive structure with the economical expense. By means of tiled adhesive FIX is possible to stack small and average ceramic tile, and a ceramic mosaic as well. It is easily applied at tile packing in premises with the normal and raised moisture content. Kitchens, corridors, bathrooms will perfectly approach for application in a finishing work of adhesive mix IVSIL FIX. It put on concrete, a brick, gaze and foam concrete, cement, lime cement and plaster facing plasters, plaster and dehydrated floor.

Possessing high plastic properties, FIX is easily and evenly applied on a surface.

As well as the majority of products produced by IVSIL, new adhesive possesses certain unique properties — experts of the company have developed structure with more economical expense, than standard adhesive structures. Nowadays the consumer can work with the adhesive which expense is 12% less than the standard adhesive.

But still it is not everything, buyers will please also cost of a new product — an expected retail price in Moscow and the nearest regions is about 130 rbl./ 25 kg.

IVSIL FIX — tiled adhesive for the new level of works performance is easy, economical (in terms of the price) and energy conserving (in terms of expense)!

IVSIL FIX — easily and economically!

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