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IVSIL GIDROPLOMBA and VODOSTOP - water will not pass!
27 mar 2008

 A spring is rich with water — the national proverb speaks. Which mix is necessary to use to protect the base from water impact? How it is possible to prevent quickly water leaking through the formed crack? Caring of the clients, Company «IVSIL EuroTrade» has developed and lets out specially by the spring first two novelties of 2008 GIDROPLOMBA and VODOSTOP.

 IVSIL GIDROPLOMBA — a rapid-hardening mix on a cement basis for liquidation of emergency leaking of water! The beginning of catching in 1 minute!

 The puddle on a floor in a bathroom has appeared and increases? Water proceeds through a crack in a wall? GIDROPLOMBA instantly prevents similar incidents as allows quickly and to eliminate open water inflows effectively. In this case, promptness of work is important.

 GIDROPLOMBA allows to eliminate water leaking through cracks, apertures, a cavity and seams in concrete designs, a brickwork, a cement plaster and a screed coat or other mineral bases at carrying out of internal works, also it can be applied to fixing of mortgage elements. Water-proof. Does not give sit. For exterior and internal works.

IVSIL VODOSTOP — a waterproofing mix based on cement for watertight coating drawing!

 It is necessary to protect the base from water impact. VODOSTOP is developed specially for this purpose! The waterproof finish of bathrooms, shower cabins, water areas, terraces, basements, underground transport constructions, fountains, artificial ponds etc. — VODOSTOP perfectly approaches for application in all these areas, both inside and outside of buildings. 

The optimum indicator of vapour permeability and high adhesion IVSIL VODOSTOP provide reliable and effective weatherproofing of a surface. Maintains straight pressure of water to 7 atmospheres that is quite enough even for arrangement of deep water area. It is steady against impact of salt and alkaline solutions, including the chlorinated water. 

GIDROPLOMBA and VODOSTOP mixes made of cement and a complex of polymeric additives ideally are put, differ with special durability.

Date of start of products in manufacture is March, 31st, 2008. An expected retail price in Moscow and nearby regions: GIDROPLOMBA — 189 rbl./1 kg; VODOSTOP — 519 rbl./20 kg.

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