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Super Strong Universal Repair Composition - IVSIL RENDER
18 apr 2008

  The next novelty of spring from the Company «IVSIL  Euro Trade» is super stable universal repair composition RENDER!

  The quick hardening and fast set of durability should become distinctive features of the product. Thanks to materials entering into its structure and chemical additives, already in a day after drawing durability on compression reaches sizes 250kg / sq. cm!

  IVSIL RENDER the durability indicator on compression of repair structure one of the highest among similar materials presented on the market - mark of durability -500 (in 28 days after drawing) is used for repair and strengthening of reinforced load-carrying structures, restoration of surfaces, protection of concrete against the waters containing sulphates and chlorides, the fast device of a casing, repair of reinforced-concrete water ducts, the base device under the equipment, repair of concrete surfacing of mechanical shops, industrial floors, including with possibility of journey of caterpillar technique, etc. Try to use IVSIL RENDER in the conditions of high mechanical loadings and you will be surprised with its possibilities!

  Apply RENDER in works with old concrete, and you will be amazed with strong cohesion and a fast set of durability!

  Novelty is on sale already!

  Expected retail price in Moscow and nearby regions - 390 rbl./20kg

Advantages of IVSIL RENDER

· the fast set of durability (250kg / sq. cm in 24 hours)

· easily keeps within the form not being laminated, without an additional surface vibration

· keeps the given form, does not sit and does not slip from vertical and overhead surfaces, possesses high connectivity and uniformity

· it is put manually or the mechanically

· performance of repair work with the minimum break in operation of constructions and in the conditions of operating manufacture

· the material is tixotropic (it does not slip and does not flake during repair of vertical surfaces).

· possesses with high frost resistance

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