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Company IVSIL has placed in operation a new industrial line.
26 may 2008

  The company «IVSIL Euro Trade» has placed in operation an additional industrial line on the basic platform in Ramensky region in the Moscow area, Russia. The line represents a new high-grade mill of vertical configuration and provides a full independent cycle of manufacture of building mixes in volume to 100 thousand ton in a year.

  Thank to the efforts of experts and engineers of the company, the new equipment functions in a tie in to the first, basic line of a mill. The primary goal for new mill IVSIL — maintenance of production potentialities of actively growing company (the gain of sales volumes of company IVSIL in 2007 has made more than 90%).

  With input of a new line cumulative capacity of manufacture of dry mixes IVSIL will make to 200-220 thousand ňon a year. «Really it is very important, that the new line is put into operation in the beginning of 2008 season, — Alexander Skvortsov the General Director of the company «IVSIL Euro Trade» makes comments.

  Our problem not only to look confidently ahead from the point of view of manufacture volumes. The new mill allows to optimize essentially also internal time and industrial resources, to strengthen a qualitative component of process.»  The industrial line meets the necessary requirements shown to modern mills on dry mix manufacture. Into the equipment complete set enters: the electronic guidance system providing automated feed and weighing of all loose components; distribution line on and feed in a silo of the raw components delivered in bags, the high-speed shower mixer in volume 1200l.;the packing car and, that is important, — the advanced system of aspiration, that is very important for environment preservation. The new line will specialize on manufacture of dry building mixes exclusively on the plaster basis.

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