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Company Ivsil cuts through a window to Europe
1 oct 2007

For the first time the dry building mixes which are let out by the Russian company, have received the international certificate of conformity to the European norms of quality EN 12004.

Tests for conformity to norms EN 12004 (standards of the European Union for glutinous materials) with success have passed tiled glues IVSIL CLASSIC and IVSIL PROFIT, made on the new, optimized compounding

(For the inquiry: EN 12004 it was developed with Euro Commission participation as the uniform standard for glutinous structures and it is recognized in all European Union countries. The confirmed norms establish the basic requirements to dry mixes for packing of a ceramic tile and ceramic granite, and also define the basic technical characteristics of materials. The purpose of the uniform standard — to guarantee to the consumer that qualitative level of a product on which he has the right to count, taking into account the extremely strict requirements to a material.)

According to the passed certification, IVSIL CLASSIC and IVSIL PROFIT are classified as following types of glutinous structures:

  • IVSIL CLASSIC corresponds to class 1 — glue with high firmness to slipping. Ideally approaches for  tiles and standard ceramic granite;
  • IVSIL PROFIT corresponds to class 2 — glue with the improved properties (durability of coupling with the basis — not less 1MPa and an open operating time — not less than 30 minutes), ideally approaches for a natural stone and ca standard ceramic granite average format.

Both products possess now increased time of viability of a solution (not less than 6 hours), that allows to stack a tile and ceramic granite on the big areas without frequent mixing new parties of a solution. Such parameters, as frost resistance, quantity of cycles of freezing — thawing (at both products — not less than 50), durability of coupling with the basis after heating to 70 º and many other things characteristics also were exposed to tests for conformity to norms.

Reception by glutinous structures «IVSIL» of the certificate of conformity to the European standards — the important event not only for the company-manufacturer, but also for all branch, — is considered operating the Union of manufacturers of dry building mixes by Evgeny Beljaev. — As a matter of fact, for the first time quality of adhesive of the company with 100% Russian capital has been officially confirmed by one of the certified European centers of certification.

The general director of the company «IVSIL Euro the Trade» Alexander Skvortsov so makes comments on this event: «the Reputation of company «IVSIL» as supplier of qualitative production for today is already enough high. In spite of the fact that the Russian standards only just pass a working out stage, already today it is clear, that they will not be so rigid and detailed, as European. We see the problem to take higher lath. We do not want and we will not be equaled on manufacturers who make a compromise with quality of products and with the conscience to please to volumes and profit. Let they are equaled on us».

«In spite of the fact that now we can carry out deliveries to objects in the European Union countries, we do not put before ourselves such problem in short-term prospect. We respect the buyer in Russia! For this reason we are always ready to offer something more, than simply«glue in a bag». Having confirmed conformity to the rigid reference norms accepted in Europe, today we are ready to declare with all responsibility, that it is  only we who make the Russian product of the European level on 100%!», — marks the commercial director  Vladislav Kesso.

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