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New textured rendering, decorative plaster IVSIL TEXTURA Shuba (stone effect)
2 mar 2010

  The product is made from high quality white cement, imported polymer additives and special marmor sand, through the decorative plaster gives a rough textured surface.  

  Textured rendering IVSIL TEXTURA (stone effect) - a traditional exterior finish plaster and the material that is ideal for finishing of insulation systems for facades. Resistance to adverse weather conditions, chemical corrosion and weather resistance makes the plaster reliable and durable. White textured surface, as well as «bark» can be painted in any color. Houses with decorated Shuba (coat) requires almost no maintenance. As a real coat, this decorative coating needs only a little care and attention. With the right application and in the 20-year-old «stone effect - fasad» look like new!   

  Equally popular decorative plaster with stone effect is in finishing the interior walls. This plaster can be applied on all surfaces of concrete, foam, any mineral

plaster, both inside and outside the house. Textured surface «Shuba» equally well looks in hotels, business centers, bars, restaurants and residential areas. A

new structural plaster «TEXTURA (stone effect)» from IVSIL, along with plaster «groove lines» (Bark), makes it possible to open another view of opportunities for decorating familiar objects in your environment, whether wall in the fireplace room, the walls in the corridor or an entire house!   

  The official start of sales - December 15, 2009.   

  The expected retail price of ornamental plaster TEXTURA «stone effect» (bag 25 kg) in Moscow and nearby regions - 360 rubles.

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