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New IVSIL plaster is already available!
20 may 2010

   In our company we pay special attention towards gypsum products. It is well known that due to its natural, ecologically friendly nature gypsum materials are ideal for use in accommodation premises. Such plasters are better for preserving warmth, easy to apply and spread, and they allow the walls «to breath».

   Before introduction of IVSIL Spark, our company has been producing grey gypsum plasters – IVSIL RUST and IVSIL RUST-M for manual and mechanical application. In case of using them as finishing off plasters, grey colour restricts their use as a basis for further application of thin wallpaper or light colour paints. New white gypsum plaster eliminates these restrictions.

   History of this new product introduction deserves a special attention! IVSIL company announced new product name competition. Visitors of IVSIL website were invited to suggest their version of the name for the new plaster. There was a good respond and we received more than 100 options, some of them immediately became the favourites! Within a month all visitors of the site were invited to chose and vote for the best name. Though the company reserved the right to finally decide on the best name we were glad to announce that the opinion of our experts completely coincided with the public opinion expressed by the voters via the Internet.

   This is exactly how a new «people’s» product – white gypsum IVSIL SPARK appeared on the list of our plasters. New white gypsum plaster is of low consumption and highly cost effective (the necessary amount of plaster is two times lower than that one of traditional cement plasters). It is also of low heat conductivity. And what is the most important IVSIL SPARK is based on gypsum and it is an ecologically clean material, which has derived its goodness from nature!     

   As for construction characteristics of gypsum plaster IVSIL SPARK, it is suitable for application over concrete, brickwork, cement plasters, foam-concrete and cement- wood shavings boards. It is possible to create a 30 mm thick layer of plaster in one application. IVSIL SPART can be levelled to an ideally smooth surface similar to a canvas, on which you can create a picture of beauty and cosiness of your home. White colour of the plastered surface will be a benefit for further application of thin wallpaper or paint and will make the top colours look brighter.   

IVSIL SPARK is already available. The basic retail price for Moscow and Moscow region is 260-270 roubles per 30 kg.

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