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Technical consultation

Before a choice of a building material, before the beginning or during performance of works, frequently there are questions and necessity for consultation. You can receive the answer, giving a call to an expert of our Company at (495) 363-73-40. We will assist you in a correct choice of a product which will approach particularly in your case at performance of those or other works. Also, on our site you can make exact calculation of the necessary quantity of production, taking into account features of concrete object, or to discuss a question interesting for at the forum on.


Practical training on application of building mixes IVSIL is an integral part at work with our Associates. We organize presentations and master classes with display of drawing for builders and the dressers, training seminars for sales representatives, sales managers, sellers and advisers of retail shops of the companies-associates, consultation while visiting the building objects. Direct using of IVSIL building mixes allows everyone to perform the work up to the mark.

Transport and delivery

Precisely organized delivery of production to the client plays the important role in any company. The motor-vehicle pool of IVSIL is various enough, owing to what the order of production in any volume is possible, beginning from 3,5 t. In Moscow and within the 5 km of the ring road we shall carry out delivery free of charge, in advance target date. Also, we shall execute your order for shipment car and by rail in any point of Russia.

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